Quotes: Amicable Exes

Rumi and Jin: "We're getting a divorce ~! <3"
Rumi: "(...) It's not that we're not fond of each other... Even now, we really do!"
Jin: "Oh yes."
Rumi: "But it's not a passionate love anymore... more like familiar one, isn't it?"
Jin: "Even before we got married, we were better as best friends than as a couple."
Rumi: Also, if only one of us had fallen, it'd be like a case of infidelity and extra-marital relationships and it wouldn't be good..."
Jin: "Oh yeah. But in this case, there's no problem..."

Charlene: Vanessa, remember it's your weekend at your dad's place.
Vanessa: Great. A whole 48 hours of evil.
Charlene: Honey, we've been over this. Your father is not evil. No one is. We just didn't get along. We wanted different things.
Vanessa: Was one of those things, "to be evil"? Because he's evil.
Dr Doofenschmirtz's ex-wife and daughter, in Phineas and Ferb

Bobby: You have a great wife there, Peter, and if you ever decide to leave her I want to be the first to know.
Susan: Well...
Peter: You're the first to know.
Bobby: ... What?
Susan: (completely cheerful) We're getting a divorce!
Bobby: (silence)

Zatanna: How is it again you're still friends with all of your exes?
Nightwing: That's my superpower.

Alternative Title(s):

Amicably Divorced