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"Lucky Johnny, I'd love to settle down with a lady that has such an impressive resume in kicking ass."
Boomstick, commenting on Sonya Blade, Death Battle

Erron Black: Girls with guns... Always hot.
Sonya Blade: I'll shove 'em up your ass and fire.
Erron Black: Almost always hot.

"Have you ever been with a warrior woman?"
Wash, Firefly

"Well, it seems that men like women warriors."
Princess Jehnna, Conan the Destroyer

"She's a fine woman. She's a lot better than those noble girls who only know how to dress up. It's hard to find a woman you can trust to watch your back on the battlefield."
Guts, commenting on Casca, Berserk

"Violence! Suddenly she's more attractive."
King Gripullon, describing Princess Mandie. The Fairly OddParents!

"Man, do I dig a woman who can scrap! I think I'm in loooove!" *cue Air Guitar*
Motor Ed after recovering from being blasted into a wall Kim Possible

"You think she might be a gamma girl like She-Hulk? That would be so hot!"

Modern boys want girls that are strong and dependable.
Saori, Girls und Panzer

Eddie: So when are you going to tell us how you got hurt?
Ophelia: I'm not.
Eddie: Why?
Ophelia: Because then you wouldn't let me finish the job.
Eddie: No, that's Lars. I like watching you fight.

Elan: Isn't she just the bravest?
Roy: Elan, stop swooning over your girlfriend and fight!
Elan: I can do both at the same time, thank you.

“No really. I was in awe of you when you were fighting with Israfel the other day. Your movements were so fluid, so sure, that I did not feel like I was looking at Unit 02, but you. It was incredible,” Shinji explains.
“Should I feel ‘complimented’?” Asuka asks.
“Hell yes! You’re that good. When you spun your Eva about to deliver that axe blow to the half behind you, it was like I was seeing you there, hair flashing behind you and skirt twirling about your legs dramatically. I was a little turned on by it,” Shinji says, pausing in his work to savour the memory.
“Pervert,” Asuka mutters sarcastically. There was however a small smile on her face.
Shrugging, Shinji says, “Hey, what can I say? I like my women confident, wielding a huge axe, and blood drenched. Ensures they’ll be wild in bed.”

Everyone’s eyes swung to Asuka. Shinji kept his head mostly down, but he too turned his head enough to watch her face closely. He could see a small, tight smile on her lips, and the beat of her pulse in her throat speeding up. He knew what she was going to say already. She’d want to be in the thick of it, winning glory and praise in the heat of battle. She was a fiery, unstoppable valkyrie, dancing in blood and death like a redheaded avatar of Kali... and he trailing right along with her, drawn to her fire even more than he was pushed away by her bloodlust and his own dislike of fighting.

"If she's Anti-Terrorist, I would not mind being Uncle Terrorist."

"Now having an Orc for a wife would be something, yes. Strong and bulky."
Hogni Red-Arm, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Man, why does a chick with a mean right cross turn me on so much?
Guts on Casca, Berserk Abridged

Damn, you tough chicks really turn me on.
Mugen after a Groin Attack from a ninja, in Samurai Champloo

What a woman!
Phoebus after nearly being decapitated by Esmeralda, The Hunchback of Notre Dame