Quotes / Always Murder

"There simply must be a corpse in a detective novel, and the deader the corpse the better. No lesser crime than murder will suffice. Three hundred pages is far too much bother for a crime other than murder. After all, the reader's trouble and expenditure of energy must be rewarded."
Twenty Rules for Writing Detective Stories, Rule 7

Nicholas Angel: Leslie Tiller was FUCKING MURDERED!
Andy #1: Just like Tim Messenger?
Angel: Yes!
Andy #2: And George Merchant?
Andy #2: Yes!
Andy #1: And Eve Draper?
Andy #2: Yes!
Andy #2: Martin Blower?
Angel: No, actually.
Both Andys, in unison: Really?

Twilight Sparkle: [...] It's my friend... I know she's not guilty, but she's going to be punished for a crime she didn't commit...
Phoenix Wright: What kind of crime is she being accused of?
Twilight Sparkle: Murder...
Phoenix Wright: (Hmph... Surprise surprise...)

It seems to be the case that the crime story, at any rate on its higher levels, has greatly increased in bloodthirstiness during the past twenty years. Some of the early detective stories do not even contain a murder... Since 1918, however, a detective story not containing a murder has been a great rarity, and the most disgusting details of dismemberment and exhumation are commonly exploited.
— "Raffles and Miss Blandish" by George Orwell