Quotes / All Your Powers Combined

Ryouma: "Are you ready!?"
Duke: "I'm always ready!"
Tetsuya: "I won't miss!"
Kouji: "We'll do it at once!"
Duke: "Let's go everybody! Antigravity Storm! Kouji-kun, Tetsuya-kun!"
Kouji: "Good! Here it comes!"
Tetsuya: "Eat this!"
Kouji & Tetsuya: "Double Burning Fire!"
Ryouma: "This is the end! Final Dynamic Special!"

"I'm your powers, magnified. Haven't you heard the song? Captain Planet, he's a hero..."

Our group shares powers. Time and time again, the West has refused them. We would rehabilitate your criminals, and share their powers among us. They are divided in strength, but we have the ability to magnify powers. You can feel it now, being close.
Three of the Yngbǎn, Worm