->'''Lana''': Stuporman...!! What do you think you're doing?\\
'''Superman''': Hey, I saved your goofy kid's life, remember?!? So what say we do some "huffing" and "puffing" in earnest... huh...??!\\
'''Lana''': I thought you were different from the other horny guys in this town!\\
'''Superman''': I ''am!'' I'm ''SUPER horny!''
-->--Magazine/{{MAD}}'s parody of ''Film/SupermanIII''

->'''Torg''': SAM! HELP! SAM!!!\\
Torg rips the vampiress's top.\\
Sam crashes through the wall\\
'''Sam''': Sampire to the rescue!

-><+Radial> i think my mother knows i watch porn\\
<+Radial> i can't tell...\\
Are you a male?\\
<+Radial> i am\\
She knows.
-->--[[Website/BashOrg bash.org]] [[http://www.bash.org/?606023 #606023]]

->Six months of all encompassing fantasies involving life-size cutouts of a Swedish bikini team and a turkey baster? How bad could that be?

->The condition is experienced by a very small portion of the population, and of those the vast majority are male. We'd like to pretend to be shocked by that fact, but really who are we kidding?
-->--Website/{{Cracked}} on paraphilia, one of [[http://www.cracked.com/article_17503_5-bizarre-sexual-conditions-that-can-ruin-your-life_p2.html 5 Bizarre Sexual Conditions That Can Ruin Your Life]]

->Women say they have sexual thoughts too. They have no idea. If they knew what we were really thinking, they'd never stop [[ArmorPiercingSlap slapping us]].
-->--'''Larry Miller'''

->''"Its funny how a man only thinks about the *[[SoundEffectBleep BEEP]]*. You got a real big heart but I'm looking at ya *BEEP*. You got real big brains but I'm looking at ya *BEEP*. Girl it ain't no pain me looking at ya *BEEP*."''
-->--'''ThePussycatDolls ft. [[Music/TheBlackEyedPeas will.i.am]]''', "Beep"

->If a man could fuck a woman in a cardboard box, he wouldn't buy a house.

->Now, I don't wish to imply that I don't care about sex or think about it. Hell, if I dedicated all the time I spend thinking about sex to, say, learning Italian, I would've been fluent by the end of the seventh grade. Dustin Eddlebeck, on the other hand, is just plain sick.
-->--Leon Harris, ''[[Literature/TheCornersvilleTraceMythos How to Get Suspended and Influence People]]''

->'''Danbei Makiba''': "Not matter what, all men are wolves".

->It's true. Guys don't need a relationship as long as they're having sex.
->And [[AllWomenArePrudes women don't need sex]]... as long as they're having chocolate!
-->--Comedian '''Glen Foster'''

->'''Girl''': I could never go out with a guy who looks at porn.
->'''Slick''': Have fun being a lesbian.

->'''Talbot''': You don't understand. Every night when the moon is full, I turn into a wolf!
->'''Wilbur''': You and twenty million other guys!
-->-- ''AbbottAndCostelloMeetFrankenstein''

->"Oh come on. [[[MetalGearSolid3 Jack]] and Chuck] are two guys somewhere between 27 and 50 who are in Vegas. How could we NOT go to a Strip Bar at least once?"
-->--Chuck, Roleplay/WeAreOurAvatars

->'''Max:''' How am I doing?
->'''Tavi:''' Stop looking down Lady Erusmus's bodice.
->'''Max:''' I did not!
->'''Tavi:''' Yes you did. Stop it.
->'''Max:''' Tavi, I'm a young man. Some things just aren't in my control.
-->--''Literature/CodexAlera'' Book Two, ''Academ's Fury''

->''"You men! You filthy, dirty pigs! You're all the same, all of you. Pigs! Pigs!"\\
Dr. Macphail gasped. He understood.''
-->--"Rain" by W. Somerset Maugham, final lines

->''"A man is basically as faithful as his options."''
-->--'''Creator/ChrisRock''', ''Bigger and Blacker''

->'''Garrus:''' So, Liara - is this the T'Soni-Shepard love nest? Hope we aren't interrupting anything you two might've been...''planning.''
->'''Liara:''' Whatever the species, males never change, do they?
->'''Samara:''' Perhaps it's a good thing [[OneGenderRace we asari don't have any.]]
->'''Traynor:''' Ha! [[LipstickLesbian Not my problem.]]

->'''Yoshihisa Manabe''':([[FreakOut overly reacting]]) ''"[[DirtyMindReading Not being able to think dirty thoughts]] is torture for a guy!"''
->'''Haruka Kotoura''': ''"You're... not scared?"''
->'''Yoshihisa Manabe''': ''"Sure I'm scared! [[GenreSavvy You're going to treat me like a total pervert]]!"''
-->--''Manga/KotouraSan'' episode 1, after Manabe confirmed Haruka is a {{Telepath|y}}.

->'''Nine:''' ''"Listen, Celica. I'm going to explain this to you one more time. Any man who acts nicely around a cute and innocent little girl like you probably has one thing on their mind. And this pathetic excuse for a man is no exception. It would be best for society if I just took him out of the gene pool right here."''
->'''Bloodedge:''' ''"You can't just say whatever the hell you want about me! Keep that up and I'll make you pay for it!"''
->'''Nine:''' ''"A punk like you would have problems with the truth!"''
-->--'''Nine''' and Bloodedge's first meeting, ''VideoGame/{{Blazblue}}''

->'''Kate Beckett:''' Ahem. What's the deal with men and boobs, anyway?\\
'''Rick Castle:''' Biological. We can't help it.\\
'''Beckett:''' But doesn't it bother you that they're so obviously not real?\\
'''Castle:''' Santa's not real. We still love opening his presents.
-->-- "A Death in the Family", ''Series/{{Castle}}''