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Quotes: All Girls Like Ponies
"Honored? Strolling around a town infested with candy colored equines... Yeah, maybe I'd feel honored if I was... Oh, I dunno, a five year old girl!"
Phoenix Wright on the "honor" of being a Token Human in Ponyville, Turnabout Storm

Blossom: A pony!
Buttercup: [pointing at Rainbow Dash's cutie mark] Check out this tattoo!
Bubbles: [jumping on Rainbow Dash] Weeeeee!
Blossom: [grabbing Rainbow Dash's wing] She has wings!
Buttercup: Did you see the way she fought?
Bubbles: [still jumping on Rainbow Dash] Weeeeee!
Rainbow Dash: Hey, cut it out!
Girls: She can talk?!
Bubbles: Let's keep her!
[beat; Rainbow Dash flies away]
Blossom: No rush, girls. Let's give her a head start...

"For whatever reason, girls tend to have a thing for horses. Why in the heck do they have such love for big, smelly animals who leave giant poo everywhere? Why horses and not the Proboscis Monkey?"
VideoPort review of The Saddle Club, a series that runs on this trope.

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