Quotes / Alex Sora 89

This troper has come across quite a few memorable, or otherwise "just" interesting, quotes throughout the years. Here are some.

Across the site

> (Warning: while I respect this quote, see the bold thing at its bottom before banning me, 'kay?)
"Man, what is with this site trying to be "respectable" or "formal" or whatever the hell "we're" going for?! D8; First we rename Just-Bugs-Me to the stupidest name in existence; we lose the "strike-through" tag because of supposed abuse; Fetish Fuel is taken to it's own wiki because people who can't handle other people's odd fetishes were stupid enough to browse the Fetish Fuel page; Troper Tales is getting changed too. And now, we must get rid of Stock Phrases because they're a cliche? ._. Why not get rid of ALL cliche tropes while we're at it then? Next thing you know, Wild Mass Guessing is axed because of "too many silly answers not enough SERIOUS RESPECTABLE" guesses. Seriously, we don't need to axe, rename, retool, or whatever to Stock Phrases. D8 They're fine as they are! Can't we leave things as they are, for at least longer than a month? I surely want and need Stock Phrases."
Fairy Red sums up my opinion on most of the site's changes since early 2010 (until I got suspended in April 2012 and found out about how the site's image needs to be in a good light following The Second Google Incident, that is!) in one of the most epic posts on the site, in this discussion page.

As brief anecdotes from Real Life

"Life's a bad game, but at least it's got good graphics."
Vittorio, a.k.a. Baboy.

"Giving an epic feeling to bullshit feels good."
Black Orchid, quoted from a school diary it was printed on.

"Homosexuals are GAY"
(some random homophobic protester seen on the internet)

"My heart is with you students. My job as a teacher isn't."
Mr. Locatelli, math teacher

"Don't worry about your N-Gage phone, Alex. It's not broken. Nokia phones are too resistant to break that easily, and in fact, they don't even break by kicking them. And I'm talking by experience."
Mattia "Gavi", a.k.a. "Sir Lozad of Verserk"

"Thieves outnumber delinquents!"
My mom, all-time master of Insane Troll Logic

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