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Quotes: Agony Beam
Karla: Should we set our lasers on stun?"
Captain Kremmen: No, this is serious. Set them on Cringing Agony!"
Kremmen of the Star Corps radio show

(A Tellarite in a Starfleet uniform is suffering)
REED: The Booth will be far more effective than our previous disciplinary methods.
PHLOX: It can stimulate the pain centre of virtually any humanoid. A synaptic scan calibrates it for each species.
ARCHER: They call this progress.
FORREST: There's something to be said for a good, old-fashioned flogging.
REED: Well, that's what's so exceptional about this device. Traditional forms of punishment can overwhelm the nervous system. After a time, the brain ceases to feel anything.
PHLOX: These sensors continually shift the stimulation from one nerve cluster to another, keeping the subject in a constant state of agony.
FORREST: I think you enjoy your work too much, Doctor.
ARCHER: What exactly did Mister Terev do?
REED: I'm not certain. I suspect he was late for his duty shift. Aren't all Tellarites guilty of something?
In A Mirror, Darkly. Part 1, Star Trek: Enterprise

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