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Quotes: Affectionate P Arody
So do you guys hate games or what? You’re so mean to them!
We love video games. The ones that feature in Decline, we love even more. We make fun of them because we know enough about them to parody them.

"Not true! The sixth Element is mine, and that's Faithfulness to the Source Material! The best parodies are the ones that positively build on the original work, rather then rely on repetitive cursing and pop culture jokes. There's a reason the original series caught people's attention in the first place, and paying tribute to that isn't a cop-out, its comedy!"

"This game is unique in a lot of ways, but its most stunning achievement probably is its capacity to parody what was taken as granted in its own medium, even though it's also the fullest incarnation of it at the same time."

But we still had a lot of fun, please don't think this comes from hate
We bitch because we love you and we want you to be great
Miracle Of Sound, "Goodbye Black Ops"

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