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Was there ever a better Bond villain wasted in a more terrible film? Okay, maybe Christopher Walken as Max Zorin comes close...and that might explain the contempt that many people hold for it. After all, the eponymous assassin is missing for most of the middle section of the film.

Let us now praise William Shatner, who managed to get star billing and a big payday for a glorified cameo in which he, letís see, fries some eggs and then dies, twice.

The main disappointment comes that Gene Hackman shares billing with Hugh (Grant) but has about ten minutes tops in the movie. No way movie. You do not promise Gene Hackman as a villain and do not deliver big heaping helpings of lovably villainous Hackman.... Oh, and J. K. Simmons: two minutes.
Miles Antwiler on Extreme Measures (1996)

Bringing in an alternative Braxiatel at the eleventh hour seems a cynical ploy to be able to place Miles Richardsonís name on the credits and thus convince a few more people to buy this set if they are fans. Be warned if that is the case: he only gets a handful of lines and it is merely a reminder that this series has lost one of its standout characters...it seems superfluous and more than a little irritating to include him now and in such an insignificant fashion.

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"Geordi's on Reading Rainbow
Captain Planet, but only the intro
(What was up with that? He had no character)"

"Olivia Munn? More like Olivia Mum. [beat] 'Cuz she doesn't say anything."

That's what they came here to see; that's what they want more of! They want WILL SMITH FIGHTING ALIENS AND THAT'S—! what I wish we had done.

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'Good,' he said. 'We shall see each other. I shall be filming for a month in town. A TV thing.' I said that, alas, I was leaving for the next day in Pittsburgh. 'Why Pittsburgh?'
'I, too, and filming a movie. As an actor this time.' Alec's pale brows knit. 'A television film?' he asked. 'No. A theatrical film.' The eyes became, as Daphne du Maurier would say, mere slits. 'How long will you be in Pittsburgh?' When I answered two days, he sighed with quiet pleasure. 'Ah, a small part.'
Gore Vidal meeting with Alec Guinness, Palimpsest