Quotes: Advertised Extra

"Geordi's on Reading Rainbow
Captain Planet, but only the intro
(What was up with that? He had no character)"

'Good,' he said. 'We shall see each other. I shall be filming for a month in town. A TV thing.' I said that, alas, I was leaving for the next day in Pittsburgh. 'Why Pittsburgh?'
'I, too, and filming a movie. As an actor this time.' Alec's pale brows knit. 'A television film?' he asked. 'No. A theatrical film.' The eyes became, as Daphne du Maurier would say, mere slits. 'How long will you be in Pittsburgh?' When I answered two says, he sighed with quiet pleasure. 'Ah, a small part.'
Gore Vidal meeting with Alec Guinness, Palimpsest

Will Smith, doin' his thing! I mean, god, just look at how he strolls through this battlefield fearlessly. For anyone who came to see this movie — that's what they came here to see; that's what they want more of! They want WILL SMITH FIGHTING ALIENS and that's...what I wish we had done.

David Warner: So, what do I do the rest of the film?
Harry S. Plinkett (as Shatner): You stand there.
Warner: ...Okay, well, do I say anything then?
Plinkett: No.... at one point you might look concerned, or somethin'. But that's about it.
Warner: Okay, so let me get this straight: I have no lines. I just stand here. Well, what's my motivation?
Plinkett: I dunno. Pretend you're on line somewhere.
Warner: You mean in a queue?
Plinkett: Yeah, you're in a queue. You're in a queue to get in the tube— look, get the fuck outta my face, I'm busy!
Warner: (Well, this film's a bit rubbish, ain't it?)

Let us now praise William Shatner, who managed to get star billing and a big payday for a glorified cameo in which he, letís see, fries some eggs and then dies, twice.

Jay: There's a number of scenes like this in the movie, where the other 3 show up to tell Bill Murray something, and then he just leaves the scene.
Rich: It's probably the only way they could get Bill Murray to do it. "I don't wanna be covered in slime, I don't wanna wear that heavy backpack..." He probably had a shit-ton of stipulations. "I wanna do as little as possible..."
Jay: But then I've heard him complain in recent years about the lack of quality of the second Ghostbusters movie. You're like, "Well, you kinda contributed to that by not wanting to do anything in it."

The main disappointment comes that Gene Hackman shares billing with Hugh (Grant) but has about ten minutes tops in the movie. No way movie. You do not promise Gene Hackman as a villain and do not deliver big heaping helpings of lovably villainous Hackman. David Morse (who I also like) is in this movie and also does not have a hell of a lot to do. Oh, and J. K. Simmons: two minutes.
Miles Antwiler on Extreme Measures (1996)

Heck, I saw a Star Wars poster where the main focus was the mouse droid, and we all know what a gigantic part he played, right? The movie would be nothing without him.