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Quotes: Acro Fatic
"I look like an elephant, but I move like a monkey."
Wong Wah Bo, The Prodigal Son

Kidd Chaos: Wow, Entrobe, I didn't know you were so coordinated!
Entrobe: Yo, honey-bun, just 'cause I'm round, doesn't mean I can't get down!

Howard: Why wouldn't I be able to climb a rope? (gasps) It's because you think I-
Randy: No! Nononono! No, it's not that! You're perfect exactly the way you are.

You don't have to be a paranormalist to know what happens to the fabric of our reality when a man shaped like Ivey tries to get acrobatic. By the time he started his second somersault, timekeepers heard a voice say "Zuul."

You dont think of him [Kingpin] as being a fighter because you think hes gonna be slow. This guy is supposed to be 67, like almost 400 pounds so you naturally think hes gonna be too slow for Dardevil, but actually hes faster than Daredevil. His speed, quickness, and agility were all things that you would not see in a man my size. So when Daredevil and Kingpin fight, Daredevil is thrown off because Kingpin is just as quick as he is.
Michael Clarke talking about his role as The Kingpin, Daredevil The Movie

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