Quotes / Acclaimed Flop

"Once Upon a Time there was a great songwriter called Stephen Sondheim. He had many, many hit shows, among which were Sunday in the Park with George..."
"I wish."
"I wish."
"...and the fairy tale musical of 1988, Into the Woods."
"I wish."
Forbidden Broadway, "Into the Words"

"In one sense the Ibsen battle was carried forward to unmistakable triumph: it won the allegiance of an entire generation of dramatists and succeeded in establishing the Ibsen mold as the 'accepted' mold of the age. In another sense—in the sense of winning a vast commercial audience for its special characteristic—it never succeeded at all. Ibsen himself has at no time had a mass following in this country, neither in his matinee beginnings nor in the heyday of his convinced imitators. To this day a repertory company, organizing itself around the usual Shakespeare, Shaw, and Ibsen, tends to make a little money with Shaw, break even with Shakespeare, and break its neck with The Wild Duck."
Walter Kerr, How Not to Write a Play