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Quotes: A-Cup Angst
Asahi: And besides, the concept of girls stripping the moment you see them is way too cheap!
Toru: Wha... H-hey, you just made an enemy out of the entire magazine... Now the title in the next issue is going to be changed to "Sex Appeal Zero"...
Asahi: Come on... There's no way that would happen, right... Koyuki...?
Koyuki: [crouched in a corner, depressed air] Either way, even if someone like me strips, it's still Sex Appeal Zero...
Kuga: [crouched right next to her] Same here...
Koyuki: In any case! There's no way the big-chested Asahi-chan would understand how we flat-chested people feel!
Kuga: Yeah!
Asahi: It—it's not like I wanted it to turn out like this! Having big breasts has its troubles, too! Bras and stuff are expensive! And it doesn't look cute!
Kuga: I want to be able to say that, too!
Koyuki: Stop making us jealous with everything you say!
Toru: The battle between women has begun...
Iris Zero

Misa: You were peeking inside my room, weren't you. You pervert.
Mayu: You're calling me a "pervert"?! I'm a girl, you know! There's no way I would do such a thing!
Misa: My, I'm sorry. I mistook you for a boy, what's with this masculine-looking attire and body of yours.
Mayu: Wait a sec. I understand for the attire, but what's with your body comment.
Misa: Your male-looking chest section got me to think this.
Mayu: Do you mean by this, that I'm a flat-chested girl? note 
Misa: Bingo! ♥ Absolutely correct.
Mayu: What a, what a, what a nerve! Aaaah, by any chance, you're a minion of the bad guys intent on deceiving me, aren't you! That's right, you definitely are one!
Misa: Wait, calm down!
Mayu: To mow down the evil in this world! To save people from distress! My soul burning with justice will ablaze my fighting spirit!! Here I come, evildoer!

C.C.: So how do you feel riding Guren, Kallen?
Kallen: "How"...?
Ester: Get back Kallen. DM extermination is my specialty.
Kallen: Ester... are you mad about something?
Ester: I'm not frustrated... I'm not frustrated!
Kallen: You brought your triangle into the cockpit...
Ester! You're piloting the Guren wearing a bunny suit, aren't you?! So I'm bringing my work tool into mine too!
*ding ding ding*
C.C.: It looks like she really is that frustrated that she couldn't become a bunny (girl).
Kallen: Sure looks like it...
Kiderra: Woman's jealousy sure is scary...
Ester: I said I'm not frustrated! Even though I'm not that pretty, or elegant, or friendly, or good as serving...
C.C.: (to all the above points) To a destructive degree.
Ester: I'll live my life as a (DM) buster. So bring it on, DMs.
C.C.: Looks like everything got solved by itself.

Ibis: In this space where there is nothing cracks are... *the wall broke off, with Kusuha and Seolla appearing* You're the main girls from the other routes!
Kusuha & Seolla: Non-bouncing chest girl.
Ibis: (They broke through into this space to tell me THAT?) G-go away!!
*Sanger Zonvolt broke through another wall, topless, bounces his chest bulges. Then Ibis punched him on the face*

Taokaka: Hey, it's lacking lady!
Noel: Stop calling me that!
Announcer: The wheel of fate is turning.

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