-> ''He ceases to be a wrongdoer. He ceases also to be a creature of moral choice"

--> '''(Sung to the tune of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony)'''
--> ''Being young's a sort of sickness\\
Measles mumps or Chicken pox\\
Gather all your toys together\\
Lock them in an iron box\\
That means tolchocks, crasting and dratsing,\\
All of the things that suit a boy.\\
When you build instead of busting,\\
You can start your Ode to Joy.''

--> '''(And the refrain:)'''
--> ''Do not be a clockwork orange,\\
Freedom has a lovely voice.\\
Here is good, and there is evil - \\
Look on both, then take your choice.\\
Sweet in juice and hue and aroma,\\
Let's not be changed to fruit machines\\
Choice is free but seldom easy - \\
That's what human freedom means!''
---> - '''From the stage adaptation'''