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  • Star Wars Paranormalities Trilogy: Gahmah Raan, obviously because he's a Bounty Hunter. This is even further emphasized when he just leaves Kratzar after a duel with Zolph where they were evenly matched. However, he has also worked with the Galactic Alliance during the Yuuzhan Vong War.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, it's implied some members of the Band of Brothers feel this way about their contracts with the Republic Intelligence Service. When things start heading south, one even complains "This venture is no longer profitable!"
  • The Retelling Of Pokemon Colosseum: Miror B, and, to a lesser extent, Dakim.
  • In the Command & Conquer fic Tiberium Wars, The Nod soldiers range from bloodthirsty fanatics fighting for the Church Militant to ordinary, decent soldiers and everything in between.
  • In Touhou M-1 Grand Prix, Tewi does a meta-version of this in one skit.
  • The TSAB – Acturus War: Most of the DRA's grunts.
  • In Mega Crossover Undocumented Features, The Big Fire accountants forced into being field agents by their Q-Boss, Earl, in The Antianeira Incident.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Thousand Year Door has Lord Crump, most of the time. He is a suck-up to the Queen, but the only time he ever seems truly malicious towards anyone is when under the influence of the potion of bravery.
  • The Pony POV Series:
    • Discord's little sister, Rancor, in the Dark World Arc. She only becomes one of his Co-Dragons because Their Parents ordered her to do so and when its not her turn to fight the heroes is a Friendly Enemy, complimenting them and even helping undo some of the Valeyard's damage by giving Apple Pie the ending of the comic (revealing it had a Bittersweet Ending instead of a Downer Ending) he used as part of his efforts to Break the Cutie. As far as she's concerned, its Nothing Personal. In fact, when she finishes her mission (stealing Destruction's power back from Discord, mortally wounding him in the process), she opens a portal, tells the heroes goodbye, and leaves to do her real job as an Anthropomorphic Personification.
    • General Hercules Beetle from the Wedding Arc also counts. Despite being the second most dangerous changeling on the planet and having Undying Loyalty to his Queen, he's ultimately just a soldier doing his job. He's well aware that the Changeling's Fantastic Racism towards other species is horseapples and never shows any sadism or needless cruelty towards them, even being very respectful when not fighting. When it's not his turn to fight, he's content to just watch the ponies and learn about them. After being defeated, he's a Graceful Loser and suggests his former opponents fall back before reinforcements arrive. Really, the only reason Hercules is a villain is because his queen is evil and the moment she's defeated and replaced by Cadence, Hercules becomes a good guy as well.
  • Chef Hatchet in The Legend of Total Drama Island does his job (which frequently involves making the contestants' lives more difficult) in a conscientious and workmanlike fashion, but he'll also help the contestants out from time to time if it doesn’t conflict with his duties. He agrees to conduct the funeral service when Chris can't be bothered, and his attitude toward Sadie after her ordeal during the camping challenge could even be seen as kindly.
  • The Acolytes of Pein, from Naruto fanfic A Growing Affection, don't particularly like what they are doing, or what it does to Nagato, but they are unflinchingly loyal to him.
  • Kimura the Slug, from Sword Art Online/The Familiar of Zero crossover fanfic Halkegenia Online, is both Punch-Clock Villain and Punch-Clock Hero at various points of narrative. He is totally fine with experiments on Mind Control, and is equally fine being a cannoneer in a fortress protecting the civilians inside.
  • In the Babylon 5 fanfic Order In Chaos, some Drazi factions: they start the Centauri-Orieni War on the side of the Orieni, but stop any serious offensive after getting their asses handed to them by the Centauri, and when the Centauri Republic starts hiring mercenaries to fight the Orieni, many Drazi (often survivors of the early battles against the Centauri themselves) answer the call. At the same time, other Drazi (sometimes from the same faction) continue picking minor fights with the Centauri (and get their asses handed to them) for almost the entire war. Not surprisingly, the Centauri consider them Psychos for Hire and use them as cannon fodder.
  • Hivefled's non-spectral fantrolls could fall under this heading; they're going along for the glory of the Empire, unaware of what their leaders are really up to or why some of their friends have mysteriously vanished over the sweeps.
  • Dig Build Live features the mobs of Minecraft sometimes being shown doing things on their own time, like watching films together, telling their kid a bedtime story, or even helping their own cross a railroad track.
  • In Vinyl and Octavia Duel Destiny, Prosecutor Milise Deauxnim is definitely this. Sure, he's a bit of a jerk who ends up getting both Vinyl and Octavia put in jail, but he's only doing the job he was hired for, and everything he does and points out is entirely legal/true.
  • In Origin Story, the various SHIELD agents, most especially Agent Dunne (who was completely honest with Alex and seemed genuinely upset that she was going to be imprisoned). Agent Dunne is also the only one to try talking Alex down before resorting to violence.
  • While a great deal of Gato's mercenaries in A Drop of Poison leave after their boss' death, several of them stay and get jobs around the village, including in the newly created police force the Torasen (which is otherwise comprised of Naruto's shadow clones). The clone leader of the group notes most of those who joined the Torasen were either Ronin or simply those who "left home to learn to fight, drunk on romantic tales of samurai life".
  • Captain Boomerang of the Royal Boo Guard in Can A Boo Be Friends With A Human isn't so overly enamoured with King Boo and would rather resort to diplomacy than fighting. But he can't leave when he has his family to be concerned about.
  • Stormtroopers in The Shadow might be harsh with prisoners and working for The Empire but they're not personally malicious. One of Luke's former prison guards invites him to the troops' weekly sabbac game after Luke becomes Vader's apprentice. He also rather likes Luke's nickname of him, Crank, as everyone else calls him ED-8 and "there's lots of Eds" and confesses that he joined the military because it let him leave his homeworld.
    • Black Three, one of Vader's personal wingmen, is a remarkably friendly young woman who takes Luke out for a burger once and regularly lets him borrow her speeder.
  • In Pinkie Tales: Cindershy, has Pinkie herself, as she plays one of the wicked sisters and has to be nasty to Cindershy, while being fully aware that she is only doing this because it is her role in the story and later goes through the fourth wall to help Apple Godmother make Cindershy a dress, when she was failing miserably.
  • Landing Day: In this Perspective Flip of Film/Independenceday, the aliens are portrayed as preparing to move in. To do so, they have to carry out an extermination job not unlike humans ridding a house of cockroaches before moving into it.

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