Pun Based Title: Comic Books

  • The Deadpool storyline "Enema of the State" was named in parody of the then-recent "Enemy of the State" storyline in Wolverine's book.
  • DC Comics seems to like to make use of the title "Apokolips Now" (a pun on the movie Apocalypse Now) for stories involving Darkseid/Apokolips.
  • DC also seems to like making pun-titles involving Batman's nicknames "The Bat" or "The Dark Knight" (the latter itself already a pun).
  • EC Comics had several particularly cringeworthy titles. Two of the worst were "Fare Tonight, with Increasing Clottyness" and "Horror We? How's Bayou?"
  • Commando is not beyond doing this. One such example is "Czech Mate". Set during World War II, it involves a young Czech and his friends fleeing the Nazi occupation of their homeland in order to join Britain's RAF.