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Precision F Strike: Visual Novels
  • Juniper's Knot: When the tired boy falls asleep in front of the demon girl, she is suddenly struck by her bitterness and frustration on how she cannot sleep, escape, or in any way find respite. The emotional baggage makes her lose her composure and throw every profanity she can think of at the sleeping boy, even though he can't hear her.
  • Hatoful Boyfriend: Yuuya typically goes for somewhat flowery romantic language and some Gratuitous French. If caught and trapped alone with the angry homicidal doctor, he just says "Shit."
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Miles Edgeworth pulls around one "What the hell[...]?" per game, often a Crowning Moment of Funny. Although the first game had quite a few what the hells, one particular example comes from someone who you don't expect to hear cuss.
      Edgeworth: What the HELL is that wriggling piece of plywood?!
    • Ace Attorney Investigations has Shi-Long Lang's "Quercus Alba! You BASTARD!"
    • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney hardly has any cussing so it comes off as sudden when Zak cusses Phoenix out.
      Zak: Damn you!
    • In Dual Destinies, Apollo, who hasn't cussed once in the entire series until this point, suddenly breaks under the fact that his best friend has just been murdered.
      Apollo: DAMN IT! IT'S NOT FAIR!
    • Then he does it again, twice in the same statement, when he learns that Detective Fulbright was the one who killed his friend.
      Apollo: That scumbag even made me turn on Athena...! Damn it! How the hell did I fall for all that?!

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