Precision F Strike / Newspaper Comics

  • Doonesbury:
    • The author pushed to allow B.D. to swear ("SON OF A BITCH!") when he wakes up after losing a leg in Iraq. This is significant because newspaper comics have extremely strict clamps on their subject matter. A few papers dropped the strip, most simply edited the line; a few kept it as-is, with the paper's editor stating it was justified.
    • Melissa saying "That's sergeant bitch to you", which seemed to just be for the sake of the punchline.
  • The 15th July 2010 strip of Pearls Before Swine featured Pig's sole directnote  use of Symbol Swearing as a Take That against British Petroleumnote . He even said that he's "never said a bad word in the strip before".
  • Believe it or not, Calvin and Hobbes came audaciously close to this trope in 1986:
    [Calvin hands Hobbes a book.]
    Calvin: What does this word mean?
    Hobbes: Which one?
    Calvin [pointing] That long one.
    [Hobbes sees the word - and his eyes bug out, he claps his paw over his mouth, he jumps into the air, and his fur goes all bristly. Finally, he relaxes.]
    Hobbes [lying]: I don't know.
    Calvin: You do too!
    • The only time there was actually a curse spoken in the strip was also 1986, where upon seeing that "Be" only got him two points in Scrabble, Calvin states "2 POINTS? IS THAT @#$% ALL?", which was just done to have Hobbes say "My, this game does teach new words!".