Precision F Strike / Machinima

  • Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction, the new character Wash doesn't swear much. So in his final moment, when hearing a computer terminal use the word emp (when he had been repeatedly telling everyone is pronounced "E-M-P"), he basically goes out with his final line being:
    Wash: Emp? You have got to be fucking jo-
    • Sheila/FILSS is a soft-spoken, well-mannered AI whose voice never registers an emotion other than helpful politeness. When she does swear, it's always in the exact same tone of voice—and it is always hilarious.
    FILSS: Agent Tex is a bit of a badass.
  • Near the end of Beans, a crossover between Peach's Slutty Adventure, Brawlgasm, and Smashtasm, Super64 - a character from a series where nearly no one cusses at all - drops one of theses.