Pre Ass Kicking One Liner / Comics
Your funeral, Superwoman

  • In the indie comic Cool Jerk and HomoGal, Cool Jerk tries taglines with mixed results. For example, during a bank robbery: "Who are you?" "The substantial penalty for early withdrawal."
  • Although the fight between Wolverine and Deadpool in Wolverine Origins has quite a few, there's also a notable aversion when Deadpool notes that the fight is on "for real" and is dead serious when Wolverine starts ditching the one liners and is kicking ass without them.
  • Tacitly part of Robin's job, to the point that when a recently returned from the dead Jason Todd (ex-Robin II) and the Batman of an alternate universe team up in a fight, the following happens:
    Batman: You used to crack jokes at times like these.
    Jason: Sorry, Batman... Now I just crack heads!
    Batman: Now that is funny!
  • Midnighter does this a lot. Usually combined with a long-winded Badass Boast.
  • Fantastic Four: "It's clobberin' time!"
  • Incredible Hulk: "You're making me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry."
  • Discussed in Empowered. Thugboy thinks it's overrated, and Ninjette can't help — as she points out, this trope doesn't fit with Ninja stealthiness.
  • Jesse from Preacher gets a good one before going nuclear on a group of murderous fanatics:
    I owe you pissant white trash cocksucking sons of bitches all the hurt in the fuckin' world. So who wants to get his ass kicked first?
  • Megatron delivers a fantastic one to Sentinel Prime in Megatron: Origins.
    "I've heard it said that we only gain wisdom through suffering... and tonight, I intend to make you very wise."
  • In All Fall Down, the Ghoul delivers these, in the form of announcing the sin you're committing before he takes you out.
  • Cosmo from Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy has a few.
    Come on then, ugly zombies, if you think you can bite harder than Russian dog.
    • In Guardians of the Galaxy, when one of his friends takes a bullet for him.
    That does it. That enough. No more Mr. Nice Dog. Now Cosmo will hurt everyone.
  • As well-known and awesome Thor's "We would have words with thee!" line from the Ultron Unlimited storyline is, it's actually Ultron's following line that gets the nod;
    Ultron: You want to die now too, Thor? All of you? Then come on. COME ON!
  • Superman:
    • For the Man Who Has Everything: Mongul's Pre-Mortem One-Liner is curtailed by Superman's one word Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner.
      Mongul: Happy birthday, Kryptonian. I give you oblivion.
      Superman: Burn.
    • Krypton No More: Superman to a thug who seriously thought a flame-thrower would harm the Man of Steel:
      Crook: Nobody can take a faceful of flame! But nobo—ddnnnh!
      Superman: Just call me nobody, punk!
    • Superman to Incredible Hulk in DC Versus Marvel:
      Superman: I have to put you down.
    • In Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man:
      • Peter to Clark before hitting him:
        Spider-Man: You bet there's been a mistake... and, buster, YOU MADE IT!
      • Clark to Peter before punching him across a building:
        Superman: I'm going to teach you a lesson, Spider-Man — One you'll never forget! Go ahead. Take your best shot. Finished? Good. Now it's my turn!
    • In War World:
      Superman: Kara, I think I know how to defeat Warworld — but we'll have to face everything that satellite can throw at us to prove it! Are you game?
      Supergirl: Are you kidding? Who wants to live forever anyway?
    • The Supergirl from Krypton:
      • Superman before destroying the army of Doomsday clones:
        Superman: Diana. Pull your army back. This ends NOW.
      • Barda to one of the Furies:
        Barda: I'd tell you go to Hell, Gillotina — but, given the situation, that'd be redundant.
  • Supergirl gets several good ones:
    • In Supergirl (Volume 6) issue #28, after Kara shoots Lobo's ship down:
      Lobo: Bloody Nass! That ship was custom built! The things I did just to pay for it...!
      Kara: Don't worry... You'll pay for them ALL.
    • In Red Daughter of Krypton, as she and the Red Lanterns are fighting back against an alien invasion:
      Supergirl: Fine, Skallox! You want to see me get mad? Watch this!
    • In Supergirl Vol. 2 issue #19, after two thugs have been dumb enough to assail her:
      Supergirl: I take it this [pipe] is yours, guys?
      Crook 1: H-Holy...! It... It's... Oh, man, it sure is! Hey... We're awfully sorry, lady... Honest! We didn't know it was you!
      Supergirl: I'm kind of glad it was! My head's made to take this kind of abuse!— Is yours?
    • In Girl Power:
      Supergirl: You think you know ANGER? I'LL SHOW YOU ANGER!
    • In Who Is Superwoman?:
      Superwoman: And don't bother trying to put up a fight, girl. I'm just as invulnerable as you are.
      Supergirl: Good. That means I won't have to hold back, you murderous babootch.
    • In Bizarrogirl
      • To her Bizarro counterpart:
        Bizarrogirl: Shhhh. You am too loud. Me am trying to have party, but me hate loud friends —
        Supergirl: That's too bad! Because I like making noise. (thinking) So not my best catch phrase.
      • To a giant critter who has just eaten Bizarro Luthor.
        Supergirl: Cough up that Bizarro Luthor right now, monster... or else I'll cut him out of you.
  • Whenever Popeye uttered the phrase, "That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more!" who ever angered him up to this point was in for a world of hurt.
  • In The Avengers/New Avengers portion of Original Sin, after Captain America regains his erased memories of the Illuminati and what they have been doing, he confronts Iron Man over it. When Iron Man asks what he was going to do about it, Cap's response?
  • In The Children's Crusade, Wiccan gets one when Carol Danvers tells him that his team isn't going to win against the Avengers. Right after his one-liner, a massive magical lightning bolt strikes down, knocking all of the Avengers senseless and teleporting his entire team to safety, halfway around the world.
    Carol: What are you doing, Wiccan?
    Wiccan: (calmly) I'm not entirely sure, Ms. Marvel. (his eyes glow blue) Brace yourself.