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Podcast: Wreckless Media Radio
"Not for the easily offended. Otherwise, enjoy the chaos."
"Wreckless Media Radio is a comedy talk radio program that strives with every show to break down the walls of good taste, censorship, political correctness, and any other boundaries that plague today’s media."
Blurb from the show's "About" page

"Well, whatever. I should be able to say whatever I want."
Brian Berris

Wreckless Media Radio is a weekly live comedy talk-radio podcast based out of Detroit, Michigan. The three main hosts of the show are Brian Berris, Bryan Corpolongo, and "Evil" Greg Arvegian. Various other guests such as Brandon Boyer, Fred the Pissant, or Nate co-host from time to time. The hosts tackle news subjects either found by themselves or submitted to them by the listeners via the show's forums, but the discussions usually devolve into silly conversations, relating to the topic or not. One minute, the hosts could be talking about a homeless Russian man being stabbed to death in the woods by three kids, and the next minute, they could be talking about Darkwing Duck.

The show has often been described as "like listening to three of your drunk friends talking to each other". Of course, this makes more sense if your friends like talking about gruesome web videos and how religion is silly. The show can be watched live on Friday evenings on Stickam.

Their website, with the full archive of shows, can be found here.

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