Podcast / Second Funniest Podcast

Gamers, this is the second funniest thing you'll ever hear...
— Justin Worsham

Second Funniest Podcast is an ongoing podcast starring comedian Justin Worsham (Showtime, Blue Collar Radio) and voice actor Kevin Miller ( the voice of Sly Cooper). Their catch phrase is "Gamers, this is the second funniest thing you’ll ever hear.” The show started in a very Slice of Life style before becoming video game oriented. They have discussed voice acting, their marriages, childhoods and video games over the course of the years. The series has a number of running gags without suffering from Continuity Lockout and has featured many guests. Currently in season three of their show, the Second Funniest Podcast has two spin offs: The Dad Podcast and Insert Title Here Show.

Tropes used within Second Funniest Podcast