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Podcast: My Brother My Brother And Me

"The McElroy brothers are not experts, and their advice should never be followed. Travis insists he's a sexpert, but if there's a degree on his wall, I haven't seen it. Also, this show isn't for kids, which I mention only so the babies out there will know how cool they are for listening. What's up, you cool baby?"
Professional voice actor Bob Ball, reading the opening disclaimer

My Brother, My Brother, & Me, often abbreviated MBMBaMnote  , is a comedy podcast that describes itself as "an advice show for the modren era". The titular brothers (Justin, Griffin, and Travis McElroy) take questions from their listeners and try their best to help them out with their personal problems. As the disclaimer that opens each show notes, this advice often isn't the greatest. Frequently, one of the brothers will say something that'll send the three of them off on a tangent of non-sequiturs. Their listeners will also sometimes submit questions found on Yahoo Answers (a service they are convinced is filled with "the terrible dregs of humanity"), and will mock them while still trying to help them out.

A sampler can be found here.

Has nothing to do with My Brother And Me.

This podcast contains these tropes:

  • Crosses the Line Twice: Just about every episode.
    Justin: Hold the phone! Stop the world, I want to get off! Did you just say "pussy farm"?
  • Don't Try This at Home
  • Running Gag: "Kiss your dad square on the lips".
    • The subject of ghosts watching people having sex seems to come up with unsettling frequency.
    • Also, horses. (Usually something terrible happens to the horses.)
    Justin: Mr. Ed? More like Mr. Dead. We got 'em. Peace out horses, I hate you. Obama 2012!
  • Shout-Out: One of the Yahoo Answers questions submitted asked for help naming a Warrior Cats character.
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alternative title(s): My Brother My Brother And Me
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