Podcast / Muggle Cast

Muggle Cast is an online podcast about the Harry Potter series. Started in 2005, the show has since spanned more than 200 episodes and is the most popular Harry Potter podcast online. The show has won numerous awards and is widely known in the podcasting community.

Muggle Cast episodes are usually released every Sunday, with 3-5 hosts on each show. They talk about recent news and anything interesting going on lately. Each week, they have a main discussion where the talk about a certain topic, character or event. They're are also a variety of other segments, such as: Chapter By Chapter, Make The Music Connection, Voicemails, The Sorting Hat and more. The hosts also respond to feedback on the show.

Their website can be found here.

The hosts:
  • Andrew Sims, the main host.
  • Ben Schoen, one of the original hosts who isn't on much any more.
  • Eric Scull, known for going into long spiels.
  • Jamie Lawrence, resident Brit.
  • Micah Tannenbaum, MuggleCast news anchorman.
  • Laura Thompson, known for being (for a long time) the only female host.
  • Mikey B., a film major who is one of the more recent hosts.
  • Matt Britton, the new guy.
  • Elysa Montfort, she and Laura have interchangable brains.

Previous hosts:
  • Kevin Steck, the Geek.

Guest hosts:

Many of the hosts host another podcast called Smart Mouths, which is more "mature" than Muggle Cast and they discuss a more widespread selection of topics, such as general news and politics. While Andrew, Matt, and Elysa head up Imprint, a podcast dedicated to the Twilight Series. The podcast tends to fall a bit on the Twihard side of the uberfan-uberhater spectrum, but still manages to sneak in a few moments of snark (the podcast even managed to score an interview with the rather publicity-shy Stephenie Meyers herself).

  • Once an Episode - Recently, Micah's made a reference to goats almost every episode.