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"Play like you have to"

In mid-07, three gamers got together and began recording a Podcast, and created a website to contribute to the gaming society. The three (Meg, Josh, and Zeke) created BG and posted this podcast, asking a very simple question: What do you like about gaming?

While initial traffic was low, this would change due to events at the Wizards of the Coast forums. The Broken Base created by the release of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, combined with repeated, nigh-incomprehensible overhauls of the entire board (including a temporary rebranding to "Gleemax, a MySpace for gamers"), resulted in large chunks of the userbase becoming... upset. Eventually Meg was fired from the moderator position she held at the Character Optimisation section, and a large chunk of the regulars there followed her to her podcast's boards in protest. By the times things stabilized, BG had become a community in its own right.

To this day, BG is a pillar in the tabletop optimization community (specifically oriented around Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, but they will help posters with nearly any system or game if asked, or at least point you in the right direction), rivaling TheGamingDen and GiantITP in sheer resources, and the podcasts (while infrequent) are very insightful for any gamer.

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Note: The forums have been replaced. The old boards are currently (11/07/11) in read-only, and will remain so for a few months before being taken down entirely.

Episodes/Threads of this site/forum provide examples of: