'''Basic Trope''': A hero's loved one is killed by a villain due to the fact of holding him[=/=]her back.
* '''Straight''': [[BigBad Emperor Evulz]] kills Alice, [[TheHero Bob]]'s LoveInterest, because he believes she is holding Bob back.
* '''Exaggerated''': Evulz kills ''all'' of Bob's friends and family because he believes that ''all'' of them were holding Bob back.
* '''Downplayed''':
** Evulz engineers a ThirdActMisunderstanding to estrange Bob from his friends.
** Evulz [[PutOnABus puts Alice on a bus]] to reduce her interference. Bob is still allowed to call Alice though.
* '''Justified''':
** Bob was a former {{Mook}} of Evulz's who performed a HeelFaceTurn. Evulz is planning an extremely complex plan and Bob is necessary for a vital part of the plan. Since Alice actually ''was'' holding Bob back, her death is necessary for the plan to work.
** Evulz is a BloodKnight who wants to [[ChallengeSeeker defeat Bob when the latter is in his full potential]], but the problem is that Bob is a NiceGuy. So Evulz decides to kill Alice to TeachHimAnger.
* '''Inverted''':
** Bob, a BloodKnight whose hobby is fighting villains, kills the rest of Emperor Evulz's FiveBadBand because he believes they were holding Evulz back.
** Evulz believes that [[ThePowerOfFriendship Bob's friends are the source of his strength]], and thus decides they must die.
** Evulz believes that [[TheMillstone Bob's friends are holding him back]]... and spares no effort to make sure that Bob stays as close as possible to his moron buddies.
* '''Subverted''':
** Evulz apparently kills Alice by shooting her. However, it turns out Alice was wearing a bulletproof vest, so she gets up and simply walks away after Evulz leaves.
** After Bob's BigNO, Evulz admits that he didn't really kill Alice; saying he did was a SecretTestOfCharacter to test Bob's loyalty to his friends.
* '''Double Subverted''':
** Evulz realizes Alice survived and kills her the next day.
** ...Of course, now that Evulz knows just how loyal Bob ''is'' to her, Alice has to die.
* '''Parodied''': Evulz kills Alice, and Bob, so happy to finally be rid of that [[AwfulWeddedLife hateful woman]], sends Evulz a thank you note and chocolates.
* '''Zig Zagged''': Evulz decides to have Alice killed by getting her shot by a sniper. However, the sniper turns out to be Bob and as a result doesn't fire at the last moment. Evulz, seeing all this, knocks Bob out, takes the rifle, and attempts to fire it. The rifle misfires, so Evulz takes a pistol out and shoots at Alice. He misses, so Evulz takes out a knife, charges at Alice, and attempts to strike her with it. He misses, so Evulz activates a C4, stick it onto Alice, and gets out of the area before it explodes...
* '''Averted''':
** Evulz doesn't even try to kill Alice.
** Although it's common practice for Evulz to do this, Bob doesn't have any friends, so it wasn't necessary.
* '''Enforced''': Evulz is an EvilMentor, and all of Bob's friends are good. They will not play nice.
* '''Lampshaded''': "Bob, your arch enemy has an obsession with making you a super competent loner. If you don't deal with him, I'm putting our relationship on hiatus."
* '''Invoked''': Bob has already performed a FaceHeelTurn, but Evulz can see he's still conflicted about his decision, so he arranges the assassination of Bob's former comrades to cut any ties he might have with his heroic past.
* '''Exploited''': Bob and friends fake their deaths so that Evulz lowers his guard before an ambush.
* '''Defied''': Evulz wants Bob to live up to his potential, but realizes targeting his friends won't win him over. So he just feeds Bob some DarkSide Donuts!
* '''Discussed''': "Why is it all my enemies think I'll be stronger as a loner?"
* '''Conversed''': "Poor Bob, he's going to find his girlfriend StuffedInTheFridge soon isn't he?"
* '''Deconstructed''':
** Because Bob loved Alice so much, he goes mad from her death at Evulz's hands, something which Evulz didn't intend.
** [[MoralityChain Alice]] really was holding [[TheFettered Bob]] back. And now that she's gone? [[TheUnfettered Bob]] has absolutely no qualms about [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown brutally slaughtering the guy who killed her]].
* '''Reconstructed''': However, Bob's friend Charlie [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan slaps him to bring him to his senses]]. Together, they decide to avenge Alice by killing Evulz.
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