Playing With / Suicide Dare

Basic Trope: Telling characters to kill themselves.
  • Straight: Harry tells a depressed Danny to commit suicide.
  • Exaggerated: Harry forces Danny to commit suicide or he will inflict a Fate Worse Than Death on him.
  • Downplayed: Harry offhandedly tells Danny that he should just kill himself, but he didn't mean it literally, though Danny takes the suggestion seriously.
  • Justified:
    • Harry wants to show how much of a heartless Jerkass he is.
    • Harry is a Straw Nihilist who believes that life for Danny isn't Worth Living For, and he wants him to commit suicide to escape this "prison".
    • Danny happens to be a very horrible person. This is a Kick the Son of a Bitch moment for Harry.
    • Danny earlier told Harry, who was previously depressed, to kill himself, so Harry decided to return the favor.
  • Inverted: Harry talked Danny out of committing suicide.
  • Subverted: ???
  • Double Subverted: ???
  • Parodied: A group of Fratbros start daring each other to commit suicide in increasingly outlandish and over-the-tops ways, Wacky Fratboy Hijinx style. By the end of the session, everyone is dead, but their ghosts believe their heinous stunts were totally awesome! And then they keep on partying.
  • Zig Zagged: ???
  • Averted:
  • Enforced: "Let's take Harry's jerkassery to the next level by having him tell Danny to kill himself!"
  • Lampshaded: "Well, that proves that you're an asshole who deserves to die!"
  • Invoked: Harry leaves a pistol to Danny and then tell him to kill himself.
  • Exploited: Danny decided to grab Harry and commit suicide together.
  • Defied: Harry chooses not to coerce Danny to kill himself since that's something he won't cross.
  • Discussed: "What kind of soulless scumbag would tell someone to commit suicide?"
  • Conversed: "Harry's right! Danny should just kill himself just so I won't have to see his face on my screen!"
  • Deconstructed: After everyone discovered Harry encouraged Danny to kill himself, they declared that Harry went too far and became the most hated person in town while receiving death threats and his whole family disowning him.
  • Reconstructed: He doesn't care and parties with his pals who have known Danny and hated him just as much as he does.
  • Played For Laughs: Harry tells Danny to kill himself, so he does that. Everyone was having a party with beer and wine.

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