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Playing With: Sir Swears-a-Lot
Basic Trope: Potty mouth.
  • Straight: Alice swears like a sailor, noticeably more than everyone around her.
  • Exaggerated: If Alice has anything to say, it is more often than not said between an application of the words "fuck" or "cunt". Alice does not self-censor in church, in court, or at her grandmother's death bed.
  • Downplayed:
    • Alice only breaks into Cluster F-Bomb mode when she gets angry.
    • Alternatively, Alice doesn't swear that often, but compared to the rest of the cast, she's a potty mouth.
  • Justified:
    • Alice is a sailor.
    • Alice learned these words from her parents or friends (who are sailors).
    • Alice is desensitized to profanity from overexposure (and if you think she's foulmouthed, you should see the people she works with, who may or may not have been sailors at some point).
  • Inverted: Alice is a straight-laced prude who has never even referred to the human genitalia by their proper names once in her life. Meanwhile, everyone else in the work swears like a sailor.
  • Subverted: Alice is cut off in the middle of her sentence by a prudish parent when it sounds like she's about to call something "shitty". She was actually going to say "shiny".
  • Double Subverted: Alice is punished for uttering the first syllable of a curse word, which is cut off by a hypervigilant teacher. She avows she wasn't going to curse. But she actually was.
  • Parodied:
    • Alice is sent to detention for her cursing, only to be drawn into a series of wacky hijinks beyond her control. She blames her hilarious misfortune on dirty words.
    • Due to the use of Sound Effect Bleeps, Alice's friends are able to use her foul mouth to send a message in Morse Code.
  • Zig Zagged: Alice alternatively curses like a sailor or daintily gasps at the utterance of "crap" depending on her mood and the company. Additionally, everyone around her uses bizarre curses or completely overreacts to benign epithets.
  • Averted: Alice curses just as much as everyone else around her.
  • Enforced: Alice is a character in a Quentin Tarantino film.
  • Lampshaded:
    • "You can't take Alice anywhere. She'll just embarrass you the second she opens her mouth."
    • "Is it possible for you to go five seconds without swearing?" "God, I fucking hope not..."
    • "I don't know why the hell I even bother dragging my ass to work. My entire goddamn paycheck just winds up in the fucking jar."
  • Invoked: Alice is a filmmaker hopes to establish camaraderie with the soldiers she is filming for a documentary by emulating their dirty vocabulary.
  • Exploited: A character institutes The Swear Jar for Alice, knowing that she will end up providing a hefty contribution to it.
  • Defied: Alice drops something on her toe and exclaims "FUUUU..." which turns into "FUUUUDGE" when her mother walks around the corner.
  • Discussed: "What kind of sailor doesn't curse, Alice?"
  • Conversed: "Of course Alice's not going to survive until the end. She's the potty-mouthed tough lesbian."
  • Implied: Everyone Alice passes keeps one eye on her mouth, and their hands all twitch as if desperate to clap over it.
  • Deconstructed:
    • Alice swears to give herself a hip, alternative persona. Not only does she actually care what authority thinks of her, she really has political objections to sexual, sexist, and racist epithets. The hypocrisy and her resulting poor reputation wears on her psyche.
    • People assume Alice is hot-headed and ignorant because she swears a lot. Parents don't want her around their children around her, friends don't like being with her in public because they fear her next curse fueled tirade, and potential employers don't even give her a chance. Her social life and finances suffer greatly, all because she doesn't know when and when not to swear.
  • Reconstructed: Alice learns the difference between justified cursing and swearing just for the shock value. She objects to politically incorrect swears, but still makes sparing use of the more benign or fecal ones.
  • Played For Laughs: Alice deliberately curses for the pleasure of watching impossibly tight-laced people struggle to remain polite.
  • Played For Drama: Alice has a strange mental disorder which constantly causes the affected one to swear constantly. She's completely aware of and genuinely mortified by it, and all her efforts to fix or mitigate her problem end up being futile.
  • Necessary Weasel: Alice is a grizzled space marine in a first-person shooter.
  • Untwisted: Alice is cut off in the middle of her sentence by a prudish parent when it sounds like she's about to call something "shitty". She was actually going to say "shiny". But that was actually only because of the parent. She actually was going to say "shitty".

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