Playing With / Rich Boredom

Basic Trope: A character finds the life they can live as a rich person is very boring.
  • Straight:
    • Bob receives enough money to support himself for life from his uncle, and finds that having no job leaves him bored.
    • Alice's parents shower her with everything so she never has a need, but she finds life in their mansion dull and meaningless.
  • Exaggerated: Bob has so many servants he never has to do anything. The result is utter boredom.
  • Downplayed: Bob gets involved in a variety of activity's - but still leaves him one day a week with nothing to do.
  • Justified: Being rich also means having to conform to a suffocating set of social rules, something that Bob does not enjoy in the slightest. He'd rather be out actually doing something, but can't because it would be considered unseemly.
  • Inverted: Alice enjoyed her life of parties and shopping, but when her father lost all his money, she found doing housework and menial jobs deathly dull.
  • Subverted: Bob acts bored about his wealth, but it proves to be a way to con those who try to get him to play them money for exciting things.
  • Double Subverted: He really was bored, and finds con games to be the most interesting thing he can do.
  • Parodied: Bob's tries to alleviate his boredom by building a fort out of 50 dollar bills. And diamonds.
  • Zig Zagged: ???
  • Averted: All rich characters are excited with their high life in society, or immersed in their absorbing hobbies.
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  • Exploited: Claire targets rich men for her con, because she knows some will be bored enough to take her up on it.
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