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Playing With: Never Mess with Granny
Basic Trope: Really dangerous old lady.
  • Straight: Alice is about 70. Bob tries to steal her purse and she beats him up.
  • Exaggerated: Alice then hunts down and dismantles the sizable criminal organization he worked for.
  • Downplayed: Bob is incompetent and Alice knows beforehand that he intends to steal her purse.
  • Justified: Alice uses magic that increases in power with age, meaning that even physically weak she is still better off.
  • Inverted: Alice is feeble with age and Bob nearly kills her yanking her arm to get at the purse.
  • Subverted: Alice's back seizes up, and she falls to the ground.
  • Double Subverted: This is just so that Bob will come too close.
  • Parodied: Criminals refuse to go near the nursing home for fear of getting a Handbag of Hurt from a granny.
  • Zig Zagged: ???
  • Averted: Alice is no more dangerous that expected.
  • Enforced: The story has An Aesop about respect for the elderly.
  • Lampshaded: "For somebody three times my age, she sure can fight pretty well."
  • Invoked: ???
  • Exploited: The police hire Alice.
  • Defied: Bob disables Alice with a sneak attack before she can beat him up.
  • Discussed: ???
  • Conversed: ???

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