'''Basic Trope''': A character exposes his (or more rarely her) buttocks, often as a show of contempt or as a joke.
* '''Straight''': Bob exposes his buttocks in front of a large crowd.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** Bob exposes his buttocks and becomes an international sensation thanks to the Internet.
** Several characters participate in a "mass mooning."
* '''Downplayed''': PlumbersCrack
* '''Justified''':
** Bob disagrees with the victim(s) of his mooning, and does this to show contempt for them or their viewpoint.
** Bob is trying to be funny.
** Bob is trying to show off his [[HotterAndSexier assets]].
* '''Inverted''':
** Bob [[ShirtlessScene takes off his shirt]].
** Bob puts pants on.
* '''Subverted''':
** Bob is in an argument or fight with Charles, and remembers his pastor telling him about TurnTheOtherCheek.
** Bob didn't do it on purpose; he was wearing a kilt on a windy day.
* '''Double Subverted''': Bob takes it a bit too literally and ends up presenting his...[[IncrediblyLamePun rebuttal]].
* '''Parodied''':
** Bob moons an authority figure, who ends up joining him.
** Bob gets an AssShove from his victim(s)
* '''Zig Zagged''': ???
* '''Averted''': Bob does not expose his buttocks.
* '''Enforced''': RuleOfFunny
* '''Lampshaded''':
** "Here's the biggest moon of {{Uranus|IsShowing}}!
** "I'd like to present my rebuttal" --> cue the sound of trousers dropping
** "I'm not mooning! I'm turning the other cheek!"
* '''Invoked''': Bob is in a CavemenVersusAstronautsDebate
* '''Exploited''': One of the people Bob is mooning, or a friend who's sick of his shenanigans, applies a LiteralAssKicking.
* '''Defied''': Someone challenges Bob to pull this stunt, but he sternly refuses because it'd be crude and tasteless according to his personal standards.
* '''Discussed''': "I still can't believe Bob mooned ThePope!"
* '''Conversed''': "Can't Bob think of any other, more mature and intelligent way of expressing himself?!"
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