'''Basic Trope''': A game player only improves a few specific skills that s/he considers important for their character, and either ignores all other possible skills or takes penalties on them in exchange for even more bonuses.
* '''Straight''': Minnie puts a lot of skill points into her character Maxine's offensive capabilities, but not into skills that do not involve combat.
* '''Exaggerated''': Minnie sacrifices her legs and eyes for mastery of all magic. She never misses them.
* '''Downplayed''': Minnie gives Maxine one skill that's a little higher than most would expect.
* '''Justified''':
** There are things that the character really won't need to do. Nobody puts equal emphasis on ''everything'' that a character ''could'' do, rather they focus on what they are going to need more, and some people just go 1-2 steps further than everybody else.
** Minnie is role-playing Maxine as a character that SacrificedBasicSkillForAwesomeTraining, she even has a [[HiddenDepths compelling and quite interesting backstory]] to support it up.
* '''Inverted''': Minnie is an extreme JackOfAllStats whose "useless" non-combat skills save her life on numerous occasions.
* '''Subverted''': When Minnie tells her party about the stats/skills she ignored to focus on combat, she finishes by saying that she was only joking.
* '''Double Subverted''': ... because she could tell by the way they were looking at her funny that they thought she didn't know how to make a character effectively (and maybe she really didn't), and lied to hide her embarrassment.
* '''Parodied''':
** Minnie's [[WebComic/{{Goblins}} low level fighter has stupidly high combat related stats and abilities (including Weapon Proficiency: Furniture) by trading her abilities to read, start fires, wink, rhyme on purpose, dress herself, etc.]]
** Alternatively: Maxie has very obvious life problems that are solved by [[WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer the combat skill she has.]] It gets to the point where, rather than simply pay a few copper for a single drink at the tavern, she routinely ''[[DisproportionateRetribution beats the living crap out of the owner and all the town guards]]'' because she doesn't have any barter skill to reduce the cost.
* '''Zig Zagged''': Maxie is clearly overpowered, but in game it mostly makes sense and often she's good for the story, but even better at winning fights.
* '''Averted''': Minnie doesn't skew Maxine's skill-set anymore than anybody else in the gaming community
* '''Enforced''': KillerGameMaster. If your character keeps dying because of a ridiculously tough GM, you're going to make a character for the express purpose of surviving as long as possible.
* '''Lampshaded''': "You know, despite her social idiocy, Maxine's really good with that hammer. ''really'' good."
* '''Invoked''': ???
* '''Exploited''': ???
* '''Defied''': Minnie refuses to be [[{{Munchkin}} that guy,]] so she doesn't skew Maxine's skill set any more than she has to.
* '''Discussed''': Minnie defends her character: [[SacrificedBasicSkillForAwesomeTraining "In order to get really, really good at something, you have to study it for at least 10,000 hours. All that time spent studying has to come from somewhere."]]
* '''Conversed''': ???
* '''Implied''': During what is basically characters meeting with a HeroOfAnotherStory and his group, Maxine seems socially awkward and a little dumb to the heroes, but while the characters are talking a loud crash is heard, and maxine has not only sliced open the large door blocking their way forward, which stopped both parties, but a high level enemy is seen slain in front of Maxine.
* '''Deconstructed''': The "worthless" skills come up in the campaign a lot more than Minnie thought that they would, and Maxine is incapable of doing the things that really matter.
* '''Reconstructed''':
** ...So her more competent, well-rounded teammates pick up the slack [[BunnyEarsLawyer so that they can still have an impossibly powerful fighter for when they actually need one.]]
** Minnie doesn't complain to the DM because she knew what she was getting her character into, and actually rather enjoys role-playing Maxine as the arrogant AxCrazy that doesn't get the "real" world and needs to be taken down a peg every one in a while.
* '''Plotted A Good Waste''': Maxine was made to test the other players, and see how well they would take her into the story. When it's clear the other players are intent on screwing over Minnie rather than making a story around it. In the end the GM makes Maxine ''more'' unbeatable just to punish the players for being inflexible.
* '''Played For Laughs''': Minnie is TheLoonie and her character, while overpowered, acts out every single flaw taken significantly. One of the most routine scenes is somebody trying to talk with Maxine in a tavern, and every time it ends up with the tavern empty aside from the party [[NoodleIncident with stories so odd they sum it up to a sentence and refused to talk about it further to avoid hours of explanation.]]
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