Playing With / Jade-Colored Glasses

Basic Trope: A character becomes more cynical throughout the series due to horrible things happening to them and those around them.
  • Straight: Jade starts as a Knight in Shining Armor, but during her adventures through the Crapsack World she lives in, she becomes much more cynical.
  • Exaggerated: Jade starts out as The Pollyanna, but then something goes wrong and immediately becomes The Snark Knight or a Straw Nihilist.
  • Downplayed: Jade becomes a Knight in Sour Armor; no longer nice but still hanging onto core idealism.
  • Justified: Jade has no idea what she's getting herself into at the beginning, so when she sees the horrible things she has to do and have happen to her/those around her, she becomes hardened.
  • Inverted: Jade starts off as a Grumpy Bear but as time goes on she accepts that the world is far more idealistic than she gave it credit for.
  • Subverted: Jade remains idealistic despite the things she must do and must see.
  • Double Subverted: ...But, deep down, she's a Knight in Sour Armor.
  • Parodied: As Jade becomes more jaded and cynical, the glasses she wears become greener and greener.
  • Zig Zagged: Every episode sees Jade shifting from one end of the scale to the other. The Team calls her a Mood-Swinger.
  • Averted: Jade remains a Wide-Eyed Idealist throughout and/or the world gives her no reason to become cynical.
  • Enforced: ???
  • Lampshaded: "What happened to the young, idealistic girl I knew?" "She grew up."
  • Invoked: Ruby takes Jade along on her adventures in the first place to show her the harshness of the real world.
  • Exploited: Knowing what she's been through, Raven gives Jade a Breaking Speech on how humans are bastards and thus not worth saving. His goal is to provoke a Heroic B.S.O.D. or Face–Heel Turn.
  • Defied: Jade refuses to give up her idealism, regardless of the horrors she must deal with.
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  • Conversed: ???
  • Deconstructed: Jade's newfound cynicism ultimately make her think her world is not worth saving, causing her to leave it to its fate.
  • Reconstructed: Jade fights evil so long she losses faith that she will ever win but an idealistic Morality Chain reminds her that there are indeed reasons to try to save her world.

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