Playing With / Infraction Distraction

Basic Trope: A character uses a minor offense to distract from a greater one.
  • Straight: Hesione puts smuggled books in her desk drawer on folders that contain treasonable letters.
  • Exaggerated: Hesione confesses to jaywalking, and the police don't glance around and see the corpse of the policeman she killed.
  • Downplayed: Hesione oversleeps and then makes a delivery before school, and is late; she tells the teachers only that she overslept, and they do not press the matter.
  • Justified: The police only want to make themselves look good by catching a crook.
  • Inverted:
    • Hesione parades a minor offense in order to convince people she's really a cool bad girl.
    • The police know that Hesione has treasonable letters, but are unable to investigate due to lack of evidence. Once they get word she has smuggled books they "conveniently" find the letters too.
    • Hesione, needing to smuggle a MacGuffin to safety, has police posted ostentatiously about the route. As a consequence, everyone they pass is too busy concentrating on not being caught in some minor offense to notice the MacGuffin being brought by.
  • Subverted:
    • The police take off Hesione's smuggled books, and return to search again.
    • The police arrest Hesione for smuggling books, and then find the letters. However, the letters don't actually qualify as treason, and they would let her go free, except she's still guilty of smuggling books, and will go to jail for that.
  • Double Subverted: But only for more books; they glance over the letters and do not read them because they are not books.
  • Parodied:
    • Hesione is holding a butcher knife, covered in blood, and openly dragging a bloody corpse. She gets stopped by the police... for jaywalking.
    • Alternatively, she gets caught dumping the body, but the problem is that she was littering.
  • Zig Zagged: ???
  • Averted: Hesione tries to cover up her treason by a life of perfect virtue.
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  • Exploited:
    • The guard is a plant for Hesione's side, and when he sees a minor infraction, he has it looked over to deflect suspicion from both himself and Hesione.
    • A politician uses the presence of this trope as an argument for stronger investigation laws.
  • Defied: The guard searches anyone who is carrying contraband twice specifically to avoid this trope.
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