Playing With / I Can't Believe a Guy Like You Would Notice Me

Basic Trope: Stock Phrase used by a character who unexpectedly received romantic attention from their seemingly unattainable crush.
  • Straight: Vivian is delighted to realize that Jacques returns her feelings.
  • Exaggerated: Vivian shrieks for joy when Jacques gives her a passing glance.
  • Downplayed: Vivian is happy that Jacques finally showed her romantic attention, but isn't as surprised as she might be because she's been hinting to him for weeks that she's interested.
  • Justified: Vivian has low self-esteem and doesn't realize that she's actually quite attractive. Jacques also finds her much safer than the resident Rich Bitches and Alpha Bitches.
  • Inverted:
  • Gender-Flipped: Vincent is happily surprised when Jacqueline asks him out.
  • Subverted: Jacques tells Vivian he likes her, knowing Vivian will adore him and do whatever he asks...
  • Double Subverted: ...but Vivian doesn't care, enjoying Jacques' attention even when she knows he's lying.
  • Parodied: Vivian glomps everything in a fifteen-meter radius for sheer joy when the completely normal-looking Jacques asks to hold hands with her.
  • Zig Zagged: ...and Jacques learns All There Is to Know About "The Crying Game".
  • Averted: Vivian is Jacques' social equal, and therefore isn't surprised when he asks her out.
  • Enforced: "All girls secretly dream their crush feels the same way. Vivian's gotta react the same way that most girls would react if this really happened."
  • Lampshaded: "How'd Vivian score that hottie Jacques?! She isn't in his league!"
  • Invoked: "Betcha ten bucks Vivian'll flip if you ask her out!"
  • Exploited: ???
  • Defied: "I KNEW he liked me!"
  • Discussed: "Ever notice how 'ugly girls' always react the same way whenever a hot guy asks them out?"
  • Conversed: "I can't believe he asked Vivian out! He's WAY out of her league!"
  • Deconstructed: Vivian is a self-loathing Broken Bird who fails to notice any of her own redeeming qualities. Jacques, however, notices that Vivian is a decent, attractive person despite her poor self-image. Vivian cannot believe that Jacques could possibly like her, and therefore doesn't trust him. They begin dating, but Vivian refuses to open up, positive Jacques will dump her. Eventually, Jacques decides that dating Vivian is too frustrating, and gives up.
  • Reconstructed: However, after Jacques dumps her, Vivian realizes that Jacques wouldn't have spent as much time trying to woo her if he wasn't serious. She takes a better look at herself and realizes that her self-hatred and fatalistic attitude were preventing her from being happy. Vivian adopts a more positive attitude and asks Jacques for a second chance, happily surprised when he agrees.
  • Played For Laughs: Vivian's reaction of surprise is completely disproportionate to whatever the gap between their social ranks. Jacques edges away awkwardly as Vivian dissolves into very loud euphoria.
  • Played For Drama: Jacques' entirely unexpected proposal for a date leaves Vivian surprised, confused and suspicious. She begins to suspect that Jacques might actually be dangerous, or at least untrustworthy. While Vivian goes along on the off-chance his offer is genuine, she secretly asks some friends to eat at the restaurant at a different table just in case something happens. She ends up glad she did.

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