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Playing With / God Save Us from the Queen!

Basic Trope: Queens in power are always evil.
  • Straight: The queen oppresses her people and is extremely vain.
  • Exaggerated: The kingdom has a long line of queens with nicknames like "the terrible" and "the castrating."
  • Downplayed:
    • The queen can be a bit hot-tempered and heavy-handed, yet she's a genuinely nice person when you get to know her and only acts for the greater good.
    • As Hire travelled around the world, the queens he encountered were evil, with a few exceptions.
  • Justified:
    • All females in the setting are affected by an overlap of Always Chaotic Evil and Gender Equals Breed.
    • ...or all monarchs.
    • Freudian Excuse
    • The only way she could have become queen was if she fought her way to the top. Naturally, she continues to act cruelly to keep power.
  • Inverted: The High Queen and/or Everything's Better with Princesses
  • Gender Flipped: An oppressive king.
  • Subverted: The queen seems to be a tyrannical bitch, but is actually doing what she does out of genuine concern for her people.
  • Double Subverted: The evil queen explains that she is acting out of concern for her people, but when push comes to shove she's willing to make them suffer for her own gain.
  • Parodied:
    • All queens in the world are evil.
    • The main villians are Queen... Holy literalisms, Batman!
    • As a princess, she was fine — but once she becomes the queen, she turns into a terror.
  • Zig Zagged:
    • The queen IS wicked but does something noble, but only because it serves her ends as well.
    • The queen has Blue and Orange Morality.
  • Averted:
    • There is no queen or the queen is not in power. Or, the queen is fairly reasonable, but not perfect.
    • All rulers, kings or queens, are just as bad.
  • Enforced: The show's hero backstory has him as an orphan. During his adventures he already found and fought his long-lost evil father, so writers want to use a long-lost evil mother. As she won't be appealing as a direct opponent, they go with the "Evil Queen" stereotype.
  • Lampshaded: "People are oppressed, and Black Guards look too sexy and stud. Must be an Evil Queen."
  • Invoked: Evil Prince, Harold decides to marry an evil woman. So that when he's king, she'll have absolutely no problem with his abuse of power.
  • Exploited: In an attempt to halve the competition, a group of misogynist aristocrats (who are among those eligible to take up the throne) use the queen's tyrannical reign to justify why women should not be allowed to rule.
  • Defied:
    • The queen is naturally mean-spirited, but forces herself to be nice since she doesn't want to come across as evil or oppressive.
    • Those around her dread the day of the princess's coronation and ascent to the throne because of this trope, but when the day comes she proclaims herself king.
    • A system is set up so that women are fairly, but just as strictly, evaluated before deciding who gets to rule the country.
  • Discussed:
    • "Yes, that's Queen Marianne. She's evil."
    • A Straw Misogynist states "She's a woman in power of course she's evil!" about the queen.
  • Conversed: "Why is the Queen always evil in these shows?"
  • Deconstructed:
    • Queens are all evil, but mainly because the society is so horribly sexist that mind-warping abuse is heaped on young women to the point that any one who gets into power is driven by a combination of vengeance and possibly insanity.
    • Alternately, she isn't quite as evil in comparison to your typical ruler of the period / locale, but she gets a bad reputation precisely because society is sexist and she's a woman—things that a male king could get away with are considered "atrocities" when she commits them because women are supposed to be gentle.
  • Reconstructed:
    • The queen's wickedness is part of the Machiavellian Magnificent Bastard traits that got her to the throne in the first place, given that it's a male-dominated medieval setting. A nicer woman would never have made it.
    • Or even in a society with gender equality, only a few women would prefer ruling the country, only to get ousted by that wicked woman, together with the rest of the men.

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