Playing With / Final Girl

Basic Trope: The smart, virginal and responsable girl in the group of teenargers from a Slasher Movie is the one who confront the killer and survive.

  • Straight: Alice, a smart, brunnete, girl next door and her friends are killed one by one by a psycho killer. By the end of the film, she's the only one left to fight against the killer and beat him, a least until the sequel...

  • Exaggerated: ???

  • Downplayed:

-Alice is an average Hard Drinking Party Girl like her friends, but still gets to live.

-Alice survives by mere luck, someone else take the killer down saving her.

-Alice isn't the only girl to survive.

  • Subverted:

-Kill 'em all.

-Alice screams 'Final Girl', personality and looks, but dies, While Claire, the promiscuous blond of the group lives.

-Everything turn up to be a bad prank performed by Alice's friends for the Day of the Holly Innocents.

-Alice turns up to be the killer.

-Everyone lives.

-Alice wasn't even a target to begin with.

  • Double Subverted:

-Everyone has been killed, but Alice only suffer from Diney Death. One's resurrected, beats the killer.

-It was all a prank perfomed by Alice's friend, except that the actual killer of the movie attacks them and Alice stop him.

-Everyone lives, but in the sequel, all of Alice friends suffer from Sudden Sequel death Syndrome, except Alice.

-Alice wasn't a target, but she got in the way, so the killer chase her as well.