'''Basic Trope''': A large part of the villain's character is that he's gay.
* '''Straight''': A gay villain with uncomfortable, one-sided FoeYay with the hero.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** All and only evil characters are gay, and they all make unwelcome advances to any straight guy they meet.
** You can tell any person's CharacterAlignment from where they are on the JustForFun/{{Kinsey Scale|OfTropes}}.
* '''Downplayed''': The villain is gay and he's evil, but his homosexuality has nothing to do with how he is evil. His henchmen might not even know about his preference, unless explicitly told.
* '''Justified''':
** The story is about a SerialKiller who was gay in real life, such as [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Dahmer Jeffrey Dahmer]] or [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Wayne_Gacy John Wayne Gacy]].
** Alternately, the story takes place in a CrapsackWorld AfterTheEnd where ''everyone'' has to be completely depraved just to survive.
** [[CaptainObvious Being gay doesn't make characters any less susceptible to]] TheDarkSide.
** The villain used to be a good person, but when he came out as Gay everyone discriminated against him and at one point tried to lynch him. Eventually he snapped, declared ThenLetMeBeEvil, and made a FaceHeelTurn. Being gay didn't directly make him evil, but the anti-homosexuality discrimination he faced was the FreudianExcuse that drove him to the dark side.
* '''Inverted''':
** TheHero is gay, while [[PoliticallyIncorrectVillain the villain]] is a [[HeteronormativeCrusader virulent homophobe.]]
** Alternatively, the villain is a depraved ''hetero''sexual, and is defined by making the ActionGirl ''really'' uncomfortable.
** The villain is [[TheVamp a slutty chick]] whose unwanted advances make the gay hero very uncomfortable.
* '''GenderInverted''': PsychoLesbian
* '''Subverted''':
** The SissyVillain is introduced... as is his DarkMistress.
** The villain was only pretending to be gay and attracted to the hero to get under the hero's skin.
** At first he seems like this trope, but it is revealed later in the story that the villain is a HeroAntagonist and that the "hero" is [[VillainProtagonist the real bad guy]].
* '''Double Subverted''':
** ...Who is actually TheBeard.
** It turns out that he really is gay, and his feelings for the hero are genuine.
** The Gay HeroAntagonist is still a GoodIsNotNice AntiHero who, while not raping strait men, still commits less-severe sexual harassment and purposely makes them feel uncomfortable. When called out by his coworkers, the Gay HeroAntagonist replies "[[DigitalPiracyIsEvil If they wanted to play nice, they shouldn't have become pirates.]]"
* '''Parodied''':
** The gay villain relies on the support of psychotic YaoiFangirl mooks.
** The gay villain has a phallic theme to all his phlebotinum.
* '''Zig Zagged''': The villain is a depraved heterosexual and probably a pervert. He makes the ActionGirl really uncomfortable, so she [[MegatonPunch bashes his face in every time he makes an advance.]] This [[SuddenlySexuality turns him gay]] due to [[DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale all the abuse]]. He then {{Squick}}s out the hero, who is all like Um... No, so the villain either becomes asexual or bisexual...or something.
* '''Averted''': Gay characters who aren't villains, no gay characters at all or incidental homosexuality.
* '''Enforced''': The production code treats homosexual behaviour as a moral problem so the writer is obliged to cast any homosexual character as a villain.
* '''Lampshaded''': "See, this is how I roll: I'm the "predatory gay" type and any guy whose backdoor remains unvisited is my prey. Any questions? "
* '''Invoked''': TheFundamentalist tries to paint a gay character in the most depraved light possible.
* '''Exploited''': The villain is a NobleDemon who just happens to be gay ... but the hero's employers lie and paint the villain as a gay rapist to prevent the hero from showing mercy.
* '''Defied''':
** "Look, dude, just because I'm gay and working for the EvilOverlord doesn't mean I want to fuck you. Stop flattering yourself. [[PunchClockVillain I'm just a guy doing my job]]. Now, are we going to sit around talking all day or are we going to fight?"
* '''Discussed''': "Fighting horny gays is like listening to your parents talking about their sex life: it's awkward for everyone involved".
* '''Conversed''': A queer theory class is discussing the portrayal of gays in fiction.
* '''Implied''': A SitcomArchNemesis is AmbiguouslyGay and smiles at the hero just a bit too much.
* '''Deconstructed''': Non-depraved gay characters are afraid to come out because it will make people associate them with the villain.
* '''Reconstructed''':
** The DepravedHomosexual drops the hostility and begins a happy and fulfilling relationship with [[ClosetKey Harry]], which gives him [[LoveRedeems a new outlook on life]] and leads him toward a HeelFaceTurn.
** Or instead, the villain, [[FoeYay in love with the hero]], ultimately decides not to use his Ultimate Doom Machine Of Doom to destroy humanity and [[BuryYourGays dies to save our hero's life]].
* '''Played For Laughs''': The villain who happens to be gay smiles at the hero a little too much just to annoy him, because he's a massive {{Troll}} and the hero is a HeteronormativeCrusader who reacts with disgust each time.

Watch your arse as you return to DepravedHomosexual.[[note]]But only if you're a dude, of course, [[CaptainObvious girls don't interest him]].[[/note]]
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