Playing With / Cutting the Knot

Basic Trope: Rather than solve a tricky problem the tricky way, do something simplier like good old violence.
  • Straight: Bob is presented with a locked door. He bashes it open.
  • Exaggerated:
    • Bob blasts it with a rocket launcher.
    • The door has a complicated lock that people have been trying to solve for years. Bob gives the door a quick kick, and it breaks open.
  • Downplayed: Bob undoes the hinges/breaks the door off.
  • Justified: There really is no time to go look for the keys or to try to pick the lock.
  • Inverted: The door is unlocked, but it sticks to the frame and needs a good hard kick to open. Bob uses his ice powers to shrink it so that it opens easily.
  • Subverted:
    • Bob is presented with a locked door. He tries to bash it open, but fails because the door is armored. Bob runs off...
    • We Have the Keys.
  • Double Subverted:
    • grab a battering ram he can use to break the door down.
    • ... and said "keys" refer to sledgehammers.
  • Parodied: Bob smashes open every door he encounters, even the door to his own apartment.
  • Zig Zagged: Bob punches a hole through the door to reach the thumb turn on the other side, but there's a second lock that he can't reach so he bashes the door open.
  • Averted: Bob doesn't break the door down.
  • Enforced: "If our hero goes off to search for the key, it'll eat up a good 5 minutes which could be used for action. Let's just have him break in the easy way".
  • Lampshaded: "There Was a Door, you know!"
  • Invoked: "A locked door? Screw that, I'll just break it open".
  • Exploited: The lock is connected to an alarm system that goes off when Bob tries to break it.
  • Defied: "Better not smash that door open — who knows what's on the other side? I'll just use my lockpick".
  • Discussed: "I've got the keys right here. *blasts the door*
  • Conversed: ???
  • Deconstructed: The Mooks become aware of Bob's attempts to enter from the loud thuds he makes attempting to bash in. They pull out their guns and turn the door into swiss cheese.
  • Reconstructed: Bob turns the door into swiss cheese instead. The few mooks left alive are absolutely horrified.

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