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Playing With: Convenient Miscarriage
Basic Trope: A pregnancy ends in miscarriage in order to avoid changing the plot too much.
  • Straight: Alice is pregnant, but in a later episode she has a miscarriage.
  • Exaggerated: Alice gets pregnant several times over the course of the series, always resulting in miscarriage.
  • Downplayed:
    • Alice gives birth to a healthy baby, but immediately puts it up for adoption. The baby is never seen or mentioned again.
    • Alice gives birth to a healthy baby, but it inexplicably vanishes before the next episode.
    • Alice gives birth to a deformed baby that dies almost immediately.
    • Alice is sad that she miscarried, but her friends are thankful.
  • Justified: Alice has a rare condition that makes it harder for her to give birth successfully.
  • Inverted: Alice does not want a baby, and deliberately exposes herself to several conditions that would make it much more likely for her to miscarry. Nevertheless, she gives birth to a healthy baby.
  • Subverted:
    • Alice always miscarries early on (possibly as a Running Gag) except this time.
    • Alice is pregnant for the second half of one season. In the next season's premier, Alice is shown with a baby.
  • Double Subverted:
    • Alice has a stillbirth at 36 weeks.
    • The baby is Alice's niece.
  • Parodied: Alice gives birth to a healthy baby, but suddenly the Status Quo God enters the hospital room and uses a Bolt of Divine Retribution to kill the baby against Alice's will.
  • Zig Zagged: Alice, Bertha, and Claire all get pregnant. Claire wants to miscarry, Alice wants a baby, and Bertha is indifferent. Alice and Bertha miscarry, but Claire gives birth to a live baby. Because she is Alice's friend, Claire gives her baby to Alice.
  • Averted:
    • Alice gives birth to a healthy baby.
    • There is no pregnancy storyline.
  • Enforced:
  • Lampshaded: Alice's friend Bob says, "Good thing you miscarried, Alice. If you had a baby to look after, you couldn't hang out with us."
  • Invoked: Alice knows that she always miscarries due to her rare condition, but continues to get pregnant anyway, possibly hoping she'll get lucky and give birth to a live baby.
  • Exploited: Charles the rapist doesn't want to find a Doorstop Baby at his house, so he only rapes women who always miscarry (like Alice) or who are sterile.
  • Defied:
    • Alice refuses to have sex, for fear that she will miscarry again.
    • Alice gets sterilized.
  • Discussed: "So Alice is pregnant, is she? Odds are it'll end in a Convenient Miscarriage."
  • Conversed: "Why do pregnancies on TV always end in miscarriage?" "I assume it's to avoid changing the plot. They'd get in trouble for writing about an abortion, you know."
  • Implied: Alice gains weight over the course of one season of the show, but then suddenly loses it, and there is no sign of a baby at her house.
  • Deconstructed: No matter how many times Alice insists that she miscarried, everyone assumes she had an abortion. She becomes an outcast.
  • Reconstructed: Bob convinces everyone in town that Alice did not have an abortion.
  • Plotted A Good Waste: The original plan was to add the baby to the cast. However, the writers decide to have Alice miscarry for dramatic effect.
  • Played For Laughs: Alice has a dark sense of humor about her own miscarriage. ("I didn't terminate my pregnancy. God did.")
  • Played For Drama: Alice dies giving birth to her stillborn, and Bob is Driven to Suicide over her death.

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