'''Basic Trope''': Clergy also kick bad guy ass.
* '''Straight''': Father [[AliceAndBob Robert]], a priest of Our Lady of the Sword, can hold his own against an attacker, and has been trained to do so by his [[TheOrder order]].
* '''Exaggerated''':
** Father Robert uses a submachine gun that's in the shape of a cross, standard issue for clergy.
** He recites scriptures and damnation upon his enemies whilst kicking their asses.
** The whole congregation spends every Sunday drilling in full combat gear.
** Father Robert's congregation can outfight the Spetznaz and would regularly do so. Except that they prefer having more challenging opponents.
** Every church potluck is celebrated with a vampire hunt. Conducted by little girls. With their hands tied to be sporting.
** Other congregations pray to be delivered from the deceits of the devil. Satan [[RussianReversal prays for deliverence from Father Robert's church.]]
* '''Downplayed''':
** The Church has military orders and such, but hardly ever uses it or uses it in conjunction to temporal rulers on limited basis. Essentially the reasonable authority figure of the setting with a rather large stick.
** Members of the Church carry symbolic weapons and train in martial arts as a reminder of their struggle against their lower nature.
* '''Justified''':
** Our Lady of the Sword was founded by a former BadassPreacher who defected from a more peaceable church, and created an organization of fighting clergy to protect the masses from a rising ancient evil. Robert is the latest of TheChosenMany.
** The Church doubles as a military force (especially when it comes to fighting the LegionsOfHell).
** They worship a WarGod, who demands battlefield sacrifice and accepts only those who die by the sword into WarriorHeaven.
** They are from a sect that was once the victim of persecution and does not intend to be so again.
** The Church serves a community on a bloodstained frontier between two rival [[TheEmpire Empires]]. War is a necessary part of survival and the Church's practices will reflect it.
** Our Lady of the Sword trains military chaplains, so the members have to know how to fight.
** [[ChurchPolice Our Lady Of the Sword is in charge of enforcing theological orthodoxy, which means killing heretics.]]
** Our Lady of the Sword is the state church of TheTheocracy, so part of what they do is fight their country's enemies.
** [[HolyHandGrenade Holiness is more effective than anything else in fighting evil, so who better than a church to smite the wicked?]]
** Our Lady of the Sword believe that HumansAreBastards, which means they have to take an aggressive stand against humanity's bent towards evil.
** [[MissionFromGod Our Lady of the Sword's founder was told by God]] [[CrystalDragonJesus (or this world's equivalent)]] [[MissionFromGod to take up arms and create a warlike church.]]
** Our Lady of the Sword is a church of [[KnightTemplar Knight Templars]] who take punishing evildoers very seriously.
** [[HolyHandGrenade Holy powers make you badass, so it's only natural that Our Lady of the Sword uses them to fight evil.]]
** Our Lady of the Sword is an inquisition in charge of [[BurnTheWitch hunting and executing heretics, witches, demons, and similar beings.]]
** [[HolierThanThou Our Lady of the Sword believes it has a right to fight and kill those who are less righteous.]]
** [[TheExtremistWasRight Our Lady of the Sword really is justified in using violence.]]
** Our Lady of the Sword believes that killing is justified, because if the [[MercyKill victim is righteous they will go to Heaven, which is far better than life on Earth,]] [[LaserGuidedKarma and if the victim is evil they will go Hell, which is exactly what they deserve.]]
** [[SoulsavingCrusader Our Lady of the Sword believes that using "Repent or Die" tactics is an effective way of keeping people from going to Hell.]]
* '''Inverted''': Robert is a warrior for The Enlightenment, a brotherhood of militant atheists who seek out and destroy all traces of religion.
* '''Subverted''': Father Robert is an elderly priest who preaches peace.
* '''Double Subverted''': But when the Legions of Hell knock at his door, he also turns-out to be a BadassGrandpa.
* '''Parodied''':
** Pope Robert is a tiny, wizened old man, but he's packing [[TrenchCoatWarfare a robe full o' guns]] and is flanked by specially trained [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot Ninja Cardinals.]]
** This Church sends missionaries to Klingons. Klingons think them too violent.
* '''Zig Zagged''': Father Robert's Church preaches charity toward humankind. But many of the congregation are personnel from a nearby base and some are [[RetiredBadass veterans]] including [[BadassPreacher Father Robert himself]]. Father Robert often uses military metaphors but emphasizes that their true fight is against [[{{Satan}} the devil]] and [[HumansAreFlawed their lower natures.]] But then an [[SealedEvilInACan evil]] [[AbusivePrecursors from beyond time]] appears and opens the doorway to the [[LegionsOfHell lower realms.]] Father Robert's Church then [[LetsGetDangerous takes up arms]] and [[LaResistance leads the fight]] to [[EarthIsABattlefield defend the world.]]
* '''Averted''': Father Robert doesn't fight bad guys.
* '''Enforced''': "We don't want Robert to be an albatross around the neck of our FiveManBand. Let's have him kick ass!"
* '''Lampshaded''': "Sort of odd beating up mooks with you being a priest, huh, Father Bob?"
* '''Invoked''': The heroes hire Robert in hopes of him being a fighter, since Our Lady Of the Sword is FamedInStory.
* '''Exploited''':
** The VillainWithGoodPublicity uses Father Robert's Badass ways as a example of how brutish and terrible the Church is.
** The covert ops team [[BatmanGambit convinces the bad guys]] to try to rob Father Robert's Church, so that they will be killed in the process.
* '''Defied''': Father Robert refuses to fight, instead serving as a healer exclusively, [[KlingonScientistsGetNoRespect which baffles his fellow priests.]]
* '''Discussed''': "Watch out for the priest! He'll [[AllMonksKnowKungFu undoubtedly be trained in some sort of martial art!]]"
* '''Conversed''': "Father Robert sure fights a lot on this show, being a priest and all".
* '''Deconstructed''': Robert gets kicked out of the church when his fellows deem his methods ''too'' violent.
* '''Reconstructed''': Robert comes up against a review panel of bishops, furious at what he's done, but he defends his actions with scripture on the subject of acceptable violence, and talks several of them round to his side. They have no choice but to throw him out of the church, but they suggest he continue his work as a [[CowboyCop Cowboy Preacher]].
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