Playing With / Chekhov's Armoury

Basic Trope: Usage of several (and in some cases, too many) Chekhov's Guns, not all of which are painfully obvious.
  • Straight: Alice has a hairpin from her late grandmother. Bob has a set of leather armor crafted by his blacksmith friend Charlie. Dave, being a comedian, has a book full of old jokes, many of which are non-understandable by modern readers. And finally, Felicia loves her weird-tasting Troperian Chocolate bars. All of those are necessary to defeat Lich Emperor Evulz. Alice's hairpin opens the pyramid where Evulz bids his time; that pyramid was an elven fortress, and Alice's grandma was an elf. Bob's leather armor nullifies Evulz' world-renowned Death Ray, because Charlie's brotherly love for Bob is woven into it. Dave reads his book of obscure jokes, which makes Evulz laughs uncontrollably— those are the best jokes from his living days. And while Evulz laugh, Felicia (with great hesitation) throws her Troperian Chocolate into Evulz' open mouth and he actually gulps it down... which is his undoing, those chocolates are so weird that they cancel Evulz' undeath. The world is saved from Evulz' undead menace!
  • Exaggerated: Every single darn thing that Bob and co carry belongs to Chekhov's Armory.
  • Downplayed: Chekhov's Gun
  • Justified: Goddess Sophia tells Bob and co keep the hairpin, the leather armor, the joke book, and the chocolate, saying that they will be necessary in the Final Battle. While that didn't make a lick of sense at all, Bob and co did it anyway because Sophia is Incorruptible Pure Pureness deified.
  • Inverted: It's a "Shaggy Dog" Story and no detail has any significance whatsoever.
  • Subverted: Those items are all mentioned once every a while, leading the viewers to speculate about their importance... but they are not used at all during the final battle versus Evulz.
  • Double Subverted: ...because they are meant to be used against Evulz's boss, the Progenitor of Dark Ages. (Yes, the local equivalent of God of Evil is defeated with mundane items such as chocolate.)
  • Parodied: This trope greatly stretches the Willing Suspension of Disbelief, it can stand as its own parody.
  • Zig Zagged: The items are destroyed by the Lich Emperor's disintegration ray during the final battle, only for the pile of dust to blind him in a sudden gust of wind, giving the heroes the perfect opportunity to defeat him.
  • Averted: Evulz is defeated with things made to defeat him, of which collecting them is the focus of much of the story.
  • Enforced:
    • Forcing the audience to buy the DVDs where those items were first appearing.
    • Showing off the writer's skill.
  • Lampshaded: "What else we have that we can throw at him?!"
  • Invoked: Evulz prepared the items himself, ordering/making them whilst he was normal to be used if he ever became Evulz.
  • Exploited: ???
  • Defied: The team realize the unlikelyhood of these items really helping, and so instead start searching for helpful equipment, rather than winging it.
  • Discussed: "So what if it's just leather armour? The friendship used to craft this is more powerful to me than any metal".
  • Conversed: Two characters discuss about a story they read, "Sometimes it's like the heroes have planned for this, except who would be crazy enough to plan to win with chocolate?!"
  • Deconstructed: Because of their insistence of carrying around a bunch of ChekhovsGuns, they are unable to carry the items that would have truly helped them.
  • Reconstructed: ...but the heroes end up utilizing these seemingly useless items such that they become helpful after all.

Before you go back to Chekhov's Armory, you might want to keep some items lying around here. Who knows...

Alternative Title(s): Chekhovs Armory