Playing With / Best Known for the Fanservice

Basic Trope: The most memorable thing about a work is the Fanservice.
  • Straight: Alice and Bob both used to play the popular RPG Legends of Troperia, but what they remember most about it now is that every female character wears a Stripperific costume.
  • Exaggerated: Soon after she stops playing, all thing that Alice can remember about Legends of Troperia is the Easter Egg where a few characters are in bikinis.
  • Downplayed: Years after the servers shut down Legends of Troperia has fallen into obscurity, but Bob and his gamer buddies still remember a little about it... mostly the blatant Fanservice.
  • Justified: Legends of Troperia was just a low-budget knockoff of a more popular game that owed what little popularity it had to gratuitous Clothing Damage and Panty Shots.
  • Inverted:
    • Legends of Troperia is remembered fondly for innovative game design and storytelling. Not even Bob and his gamer buddies can remember how to unlock "bikini mode".
    • Princess of the Secret Garden is a well-known Visual Novel that started a long-running Cash Cow Franchise. The handful of adult scenes are largely ignored by Bob, and the rest of the fanbase.
    • Legends of Booberelia is an X-rated video game, but all anyone ever remembers about it is the plot.
    • Legends of Troperia is infamous for all the Fan Disservice scenes. In other words, it's Best Known For The Fan Disservice.
  • Subverted: All the playable characters in Iron Blossoms: World Champion are well-endowed young women, and the early reviews focused heavily on the prominent use of Jiggle Physics. But thanks to the flexible combo system and excellent game balance, it soon became much more famous for a thriving and highly competitive tournament scene.
  • Double Subverted: It's even more famous for spawning vast quantities of Yuri fanfiction.
  • Parodied:
  • Zig Zagged: All Alice remembers about Legends of Troperia is its impressively detailed character customization system. All Bob remembers is the equally impressive levels of Gainaxing.
  • Averted: Legends of Troperia is such a forgettable work that its old fans don't even remember the gratuitous Shower Scene right at the beginning.
  • Enforced: Subscription numbers for World of Troperia started to decline a year after release, so the game got an Expansion Pack featuring a playable race of all-female elves, an evil Fem Bot army, and new infinity + 1 gear which closely resembled a semi-transparent Spy Catsuit.
  • Lampshaded: Bob can't remember what Legends of Troperia is about, so he looks it up on the Internet and quickly starts complaining that all he can find is a whole lot of Fan-Art of the main character in her Bunny Girl costume.
  • Invoked: Modern Fighting IV: Guns of the Mercenaries features advanced weapon designs uncannily similar to a secret project the military is working on. Rather than draw attention by shutting down its release, intelligence agents instead plant an easily-unlocked "nude mode" in the game to keep anyone from taking it seriously.
  • Exploited: While arguing over which one of them knows more about Video Games, Alice bets Bob that he can't remember the name of the Kid Sidekick from Legends of Troperia.
  • Defied: Legends of Troperia II features very little Fanservice and is remembered fondly for its original, engaging storyline, since the success of the original made enough money that the developers could afford to hire actual writers the second time.
  • Discussed: Alice digs out her old copy of Legends of Troperia and starts playing it again. Bob notices this and asks if she even remembers anything about it besides the Walking Shirtless Scene Barbarian Hero.
  • Conversed: While watching a commercial for Mud-wrestlers of Troperia VII, Bob wonders whether the mud-wrestling minigame that started the spinoff series is all anyone remembers about the original.

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