Playing With / Beast Man

Basic Trope: A character who is part animal in appearance, biology and behavior.
  • Straight: Doug is a dog themed Beast Man, with pronounced canines, fur-like hair all over his body, claws and a fierce loyalty.
  • Exaggerated: Doug is a Talking Animal who Was Once a Man.
  • Downplayed: Doug has a wee bit of dog DNA due a lab mishap, but it's not even enough to qualify him for Petting Zoo People.
  • Justified: An Emergency Transformation to save Doug's life fused the DNA and spirit of his pet dog with him, leading to biological and mystical reasons for him to be a Beast Man.
  • Inverted: Doug is from a species of dogs that are being slowly altered into a more Evolved / humanlike form. So Doug isn't a man that has somehow become beast-like, but a beast that is becoming human-like.
  • Subverted: Doug is using prosthetics and a deep understanding of animal behavior to pretend to be a Beast Man.
  • Double Subverted: ... which is a ruse to distract people from realizing he has Voluntary Shape Shifting and a Partial Transformation into Beast Man form.
  • Parodied: Doug is just a guy in a cheap dog suit who doesn't even act dog like, but everyone treats him as if he were a savage beast.
  • Zig Zagged: Doug is either a normal human, a normal dog or a beast man depending on the phase of the moon. Add to that Applied Phlebotinum and inconsistent rules on magic/science and he's any one of the three above or some weird combination (a man who acts like a dog, etc).
  • Averted: Doug simply acts anomalistically because he's been a Wild Man in isolation for years. He Cleans Up Nicely and returns to civilized behavior when exposed to other humans.
  • Enforced: The story has a lot of mutants, genetic experiments and shape-shifters.
  • Lampshaded: "This whole adventure is like a bad copy of The Island of Doctor Moreau, so of course we run into a Beast Man."
  • Invoked: Doug is a geneticist experimenting with combining animal traits into the human genome. Rather than go through the proper channels he decides to become a Professor Guinea Pig and avoid the legal consequences by pretending to be a "natural" Beast Man by acting like he has the mind of a beast.
  • Exploited: "He's half dog, you can probably play fetch with him, or use a high pitched whistle to get past him."
  • Defied: Doug's self conscious about his animal features, so he diligently cleans and grooms himself so he never reaches the point where people could confuse him for a Beast Man.
  • Discussed: "Poor Doug, all those amazing powers and All the Other Reindeer treat him like a freak dog."
  • Conversed: "So what's the deal with this dog guy? Why not just have a smarter than average dog and save on the prosthetics and actor's fee, or is the animal and trainer more expensive?"
  • Deconstructed: Doug's warring nature leads to him having an existential crisis that leads to him reaching a psychotic break.
  • Reconstructed: Doug's dual nature is used to showcase the duality of the nature of man, and how two ultimately different things can be beautifully integrated with effort.
  • Played For Laughs: Doug's animal half leads to crazy antics, which his human half makes crazy rationalizations for.
  • Played For Drama: Doug's dual nature means he can never be at home either with humans or animals, and ultimately leads to him having to choose to never be a good human or lobotomizing himself to at least be a happy animal.

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