Playing With: Animal-Themed Superbeing

Basic Trope: A superhero or supervillain with an Animal Motif.
  • Straight: After a Freak Lab Accident in an etymology lab, Bob is granted bug-based powers and becomes...Bug-Man.
  • Exaggerated: Bug-Man not only has bug-related powers, he becomes a big, crime fighting bug.
  • Downplayed: Despite being called Bug-Man, he has no bug-related powers or appearance.
  • Justified: Bug-Man is called Bug-Man because he was in a bug-related accident and now has bug powers.
  • Inverted: A normal, household bug comes into contact with an irradiated human and is granted with drastically increased intelligence and height. Thus... Human-Bug is born!
  • Subverted: Bug-Man has Eye Beams and other non-bug related abilities.
  • Double Subverted: As it turns out, Bug-Man is just a super-evolved bug. Apparently, once bugs have fully evolved, they will look like humans and have eye-beams.
  • Parodied: A character comes into contact with an irradiated sloth, gaining super tree-hanging powers and now moves much, much slower than normal.
  • Zig Zagged: Bug-Man is Brought Down to Normal and quits the hero-biz but because super powers are contagious, gets a new set of powers but without the bug motif, meaning he no longer calls himself Bug-Man. His teammates eventually ask him to go back to being called Bug-Man for nostalgia's sake and he does so, despite no longer having bug-related powers.
  • Averted: A character is in a lab accident involving bugs but does not gain bug-related powers, nor does he call himself Bug-Man.
  • Enforced: A comic publisher decides to create a comic based on a bug-related hero because bugs look cool.
  • Lampshaded: "Who knew the animal kingdom had so many cool powers?"
  • Invoked: Bug-Man purposefully gave himself bug-related abilities because he saw the potential for great power.
  • Exploited: A Mad Scientist purposefully uses human test subjects, endowing them with animal powers in order to create an army of Super Soldiers.
  • Defied: A character gained bug-related powers in a bug-related lab accident but calls himself Trope-Man and does not invoke any bug motifs in his costume.
  • Discussed: Bob-Man and Alice-Woman discuss the large number of heroes and villains based on animals they encounter.
  • Conversed: Two characters discuss which animal abilities would make for the best hero or villains.
  • Deconstructed: Bug-Man has useful bug-related abilities (increased strength, flight, etc.) but also has many negative bug-related attributes: he vomits acid on his food before eating it, builds a house out of his own waste, and tries to kill his wife after sex.
  • Reconstructed: After a while, Bug-Man learns how to control his animal instincts and becomes more human.
  • Played For Laughs: Bug-Man has sticky hands and feet, resulting in him sticking to objects all the time, much to his chagrin.
  • Played For Drama: Bug-Man not only has bug powers but even looks like one, resulting in him being cast out of society and turning evil.
  • Implied:
    "So Trope-Man, how did you get Super Strength and Super Speed?"
    "Freak accident when I visited the zoo. It's a long story."

Now blessed with with all the powers of an Animal-Themed Superbeing, Bug-Man has a choice to make: return to the original page or not?