'''Basic Trope''': The animals in a series are brightly and unrealistically colored.
* '''Straight''': On their journey, the heroes meet bright blue penguins, green and pink deer, and bright yellow cattle.
* '''Exaggerated''': Every animal that shows up in the work will be eye-jarringly bright, often with terribly clashing neon colors.
* '''Downplayed''': The penguins are silvery-blue, the deer are moss green and puce, while the cows are pale cream. Unnatural, but not really obvious.
* '''Justified''':
** The planet's scenery is oddly bright, and the animals have adapted their colors in order to camouflage.
** The fauna is ColourCodedForYourConvenience.
** This wolf was born with a genetic mutation that gives her purple fur.
** The deer are into some kind of hair coloring fad and were [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair told they were going to be in an anime.]]
** Bright colours are excellent camouflage when you live in a tropical reef.
* '''Inverted''': The wildlife are all [[RealIsBrown dull grey or brown]], even ones that normally wouldn't be, like peacocks or poison dart frogs.
* '''Subverted''': We see what appears to be a bright red wolf, but it's actually fleeing from a gruesome fight- underneath the blood, it's a perfectly normal grey.
* '''Double Subverted''': A brightly colored animal is seen, but it's actually covered with some sort of bright substance that's making it look like that. Then, said substance is removed and the animal is just as bright underneath.
* '''Parodied''': At several points in the series, people wearing hideously bright fur coats are seen- this is mentioned as the issue with there being no normal-colored wildlife.
* '''Zig Zagged''': The Double Subverted Wolf has been painted a bunch of times. Each time it looks like he's really that color, but then it gets washed off.
* '''Averted''': The animals have perfectly ordinary colors.
* '''Enforced''':
** The producers want to market the show to kids, and kids like brightly colored things, right?
** The producers want to convey that the show is set on a different planet, but don't want the animals to be too radically different for the audiences to be alienated.
* '''Lampshaded''': "Oh, look, another highlighter-yellow panda. Just another normal day..."
* '''Invoked''': A scientist genetically engineers brightly-colored animals in the hopes of making the world's wildlife more interesting to watch.
* '''Exploited''': Hunters certainly don't have any problem tracking prey in this world
* '''Defied''': All odd color mutations of animals are hunted down at once for fear of them becoming commonplace and simply looking bizarre.
* '''Discussed''': "All right, so we've just arrived on the new planet. We have to watch out, in case there's hostile wildlife." "Will they be brightly-colored animals? I always wanted to find one of those!"
* '''Conversed''': "Why is that cow green? This episode made perfect sense, and then... green cow. Could they at least explain this bizarre wildlife?"
* '''Deconstructed''':
** Most animals are almost extinct, having been hunted easily by predators and by humans with their lack of camouflage, and the world's ecosystem is beginning to fall apart. In addition, the bright colors are caused by some sort of toxic radiation in the first place, and the remaining animals are beginning to get sick and die from the long-term exposure.
** The animals are designed to give you seizures. EverythingIsTryingToKillYou.
* '''Reconstructed''': The animals were engineered to be brightly colored as part of the attraction of the [[PleasurePlanet Resort Planet]].
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