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Playing With / Aerith and Bob

Basic Trope: Characters with Plain Names live alongside characters with weird names.
  • Straight: Joe's friends include Kunashi, Billy, Zarvax, and Rita.
  • Exaggerated: Joe's friends, all of whom live in one secluded village, include Bulx'a7ʘahshi, Bob, Norman, and n!qgamnognx'klxoqaidrothʘnotha7akloʘ̃nayrethonothaeogijsifngirsifkbnjrsghtsgbngt.
  • Downplayed:
    • Some names are a bit more exotic than others. Joe has friends with names like Stefan and Madeline.
    • Joe's friends are Larry, James, Ida, Brendon, Wanda, and Qorkchtok.
  • Justified:
  • Inverted: Not only are the characters' names all generic, but they all fit a theme, or one of a few different themes.
  • Subverted:
    • The village has lots of people with names like Kunashi or Watashi, but there is that one Joe. However, it turns out that Joe's name is short for Joznaku.
    • The exotic names are just intentionally exotic spellings: Alaeaizzsz is Alice, Bwayhb is Bob, and Shairleatt is Charlotte.
    • Zarvax and Kunashi are just nicknames. Their actual names are Zack and Ken.
  • Double Subverted:
    • Joznaku is the local transliteration of Joseph.
    • The characters' names are retconned in a sequel or spin-off.
    • Which are short for Zackarador and Kenjakal.
  • Parodied: The characters have unpronounceable symbols in their names.
  • Zig Zagged:
    • A small village has two people named Joe and Kunashi. Then Joe's name gets revealed to be short for Joznaku. Then Joznaku is actually the transliteration of Joseph. Then Kunashi gets revealed to be actually his title, his real name is Steven. Then Steven gets revealed to actually be female. Then Joznaku gets retconned into Pickaxe. Then "Steven" is actually her last name. Then her full name is Pillodash Stevensy. Then HIS full name is Aerith Gainsborough-Pickaxe. Then his full name is retconned into a joke. Then his full name appears consistently as Pickaxe Aerith. Then Pillodash is revealed to be a nickname; it's actually Marie. It's short for M'3459284012-Ar^ie, her spy codename. Then Pickaxe s' real father appears to have the surname Mothselli. Then M'3459284012-Ar^ie s' parents call her Charlat. Then Pickaxe is the nickname for Anakin. Then Charlat's family home is shown to have "Krokchdominus" on its postal box. Then "Charlat" is shown to be a nickname derived from a novel within the series. Then the name that was given to her by her parents is shown to be "♉ Krochs" and "dominus" just means house. Then Anakin Mothselli and ♉ Krochs marry each other. Then "♉" is just revealed to be her star-sign of Taurus, and her name is actually Padme Krochs-Mothselli. Then they have kids named Luke and Nirvana. Then "Padme" gets revealed to actually be a name she made up to be funny, and Krochs is actually her given name. Then "Anakin" gets retconned again into "Johnny". Then the full names are given by the show-runner as: Jovanevivere Janet Mothselli, Krochs Chaplet Steffson-Mothselli, Lucanberg Tonino Mothselli, and Nirvana Drachma Mothselli. Then all the characters change names when the show is dubbed in other countries to keep clean pronunciation.
    • The show appears to have loads and loads of characters; the Earth humans have names such as Steven Jones, Anne Brown, or Jack Miller. The magic-world humans are Farrah, Anub, and Donovor. The demons go by Thoggorath, Shrodaran, and Breshklaldrok. Elder gods are known as "Groelimus the Magnificent", "Troemsull the Vast One" and "Aiimtarah the Old Ocean". Funny Animals are Chappy, Fluff, and Bun-Buns. Elves are Taamarill, Gweesharinn, and Oolafinnth. Dwarfs are Krog Whitebeard, Strum Fluffydock, and Prog Tallcane. Fairies are White-Snow, Blimp-Ridge, and Grand-Life. Mermaids are Shyah, Weh and Liah. Witches are Krade Willflower, Enice Ruddyrhubarb and Loivette Schemelleggs. Witches, earth!Humans, and Dwarves are the only species to have some kind of surnames, even trough the witches's are passed from their magical powers. earth!Humans who are supposed to be one specific ethnicity go by Kyasho Utada, Leshana M'bele, and Carlos Gonzaga. As this is a Long Runner! People introduced in the series more recently may have names such as Tyrone Parker, Alisha Turner, and Tosh Villanueva. A Bio-computer in the series is known as T^4Xj, Homunculi are called "Replica X(number from 0 to 999, written as three digits)", but the only one known to have a personality goes by "Reppy". Some of the kids are from different time periods; kids from specific time periods have names from that era: Claudius Onefriis, Victoria Goldhart, Seamus Iwilstein are from the past, and Xebrin Lycathe, Torxald Bruzilda, Hydax Gratitude are from the future. The sims picks names for its NPCs and townies from all the characters; meaning all the eras and all the countries. You can have Torax Hideaki, Aamah Ludd, and Throe Vladinstein. It averts Name's the Same, except for characters who are siblings and share the same surname. Due to the huge expanded universe, and not wanting to have the same first name as another character, some of the later ones have weird spellings such as Merrye (Mary) Pashton, Hayan (Anne) Torresani, and Pywater (Peter) Oathsyn. The "Best of the best" are characters from different series in the franchise that have never met before, and that just happen to be fan favorites, which change every year and have great variety in names. And the fandom s' OTP is Ela Bruckswild and Xoyan Donovax.
  • Averted:
  • Enforced: Several writers cooperated in naming the characters.
  • Lampshaded: Joe and Kunashi often get asked whether they even came from the same country whenever they go on a trip to someplace else together.
  • Invoked:
    • As a weird way of helping their neighbors, Kunashi's parents gave their daughter that name in order to help the other children with their pronunciation issues.
    • Alice and Bob decide to give their children exotic names to make them stand out.
  • Exploited: Joe and Kunashi's parents introduce them to each other to help them grow into tolerant human beings to help build the global community.
  • Defied:
    • Although her parents do discuss giving their daughter a strange name like Kunashi, they decide to screw it and call her Alice instead.
    • Kunashi is sick of having a weird name, and changes her name to Alice.
  • Discussed: "Why did you expect me to have some really weird name? All my neighbors have normal names!"
  • Conversed: "Wait, what did they say their names were? Joe and Kunashi?"
  • Implied: All named characters have Plain Names. However, when Bob asks Alice her new friend's name, Alice says, "I can't pronounce her name."
  • Plotted A Good Waste: The head writer thinks that Kunashi is a cool name.
  • Deconstructed: Kunashi is made fun of because no one can pronounce his name.
  • Reconstructed: Kunashi and his family are accepted because the community believes diversity is good.
  • Played For Laughs: Joe and his friend Gluzznork travel together, and no one notices the contrast.
  • Played For Drama:

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