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Pinball: Junkyard
It's not hard to play in the yard.
The meanest game in the whole darn town.

Junk Yard is a 1997note  pinball machine made by Williams Electronics. It was designed by Barry Oursler and Dwight Sullivan, while Paul Barker and Pat McMahon provided the art. Unsurprisingly, it takes place in a junkyard, where you collect trash to build a flying jalopy to ultimately head into space and fight Crazy Bob. Along the way, you'll make a toaster gun so you can save the girl from the Angry Guard Dog, take a ride on the Magic Bus, and hop for a spin in the Time Machine to start a mode from an earlier Williams title.

Yeah, it's that kind of game.

Junk Yard was the final pinball game from veteran Williams designer Barry Oursler. He was laid off early in the project, leaving Dwight Sullivan to complete the game. The table is available as part of Season 3 of The Pinball Arcade.

The Junk Yard pinball demonstrates the following tropes:

Crazy Bob: "Get out of my junkyard!"

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