Pimped Out Dress / Visual Novels

Even Instant Runes can accessorize it.

Pimped Out Dresses in Visual Novels.


  • In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Alita Tiala's dress has a feather arrangement to look like wings on her chest, a Four-Leaf Clover in the middle of the feathers, and lots of frills.
  • Fate/stay night, Saber gets extra points for not only having a fancy dress, particularly the gold trimming, but one that's further pimped out with plate mail. It's to be expected, though: most of the examples here are merely princesses, while Saber is a king. King Arthur, to be precise.
    • In Fate/Nuovo Guerra, Lempicialynn wears a red dress trimmed with black frills, and Lumivellamo wears a blue dress with white trimming and frills.
  • Queen Vivaldi in Heart no Kuni no Alice wears a red dress with trimming of black frills, a large collar shaped like a heart, a black bustier, and lots of hearts on the dress.
    • During the ball, Alice wears a dress with some frills trimming it.
  • Yumemi's outfit in Planetarian is fancy enough to count, with so much metal trimming and decorations (like metal shoulder guards topped by a collar/cape, short metal overskirt, and hair ribbons that end with what look like seat belt buckles) that it almost seems like a Battle Ballgown (if she fought anything), but it does make it clear that she's a Robot Girl.
  • One girl in Sekien No Inganock wears an orange dress with lots of ruching, detached sleeves, a top that is gauze above the neckline and has gold rococo decoration, and a yellow overskirt.
  • The three girls of Shikkoku No Sharnoth wear fancy dresses.
  • In Tears to Tiara, Llyr wears a blue dress with a black overskirt that has white and gold trimming, black Opera Gloves with a gold band on each, and a Nice Hat with a veil. Rhiannon wears a white dress with red trimming, a red petticoat, a red sash around the waist, gold decorations, and a hat long tassels on each side.
  • Arcueid in Tsukihime wore at least two dresses as Archetype: Earth.
  • The witches of Umineko: When They Cry all seem to get this, as well as one or two members of the Ushiromiya family.
    • Beatrice's dress is one of the most elaborate. It's a dark brown dress with large orange symbols and trimming, a dark red ruched petticoat, puff sleeves, a small pink bow, and white flounces. As a child, she wore a dark red dress with puff sleeves and two large white sashes that tied at the back and fell down like a cape.
    • Bernkastel wears a blue and white dress with ruffles, flared sleeves, a large blue bow at the neck, and a double tiered underskirt.
    • Lambdadelta wears a pink dress with pink ruffles, red bows, black opera gloves, puff sleeves, and a pumpkin decoration on the waist.
    • Virgilia wears a black dress with white ruffles, a white ruffled petticoat, and a nice hat with red flowers and white ruffles under the brim.
    • Eva-Beatrice wears a purple and black dress with ruffles, underskirt, opera gloves, a large red bow on the waist, and a ruffled hat with a red rose on the side.
    • Featherine wears two. One is a pink kimono with a bell skirt, opera gloves, and a green sash with medals decorating it. The other is a brown dress with lots of white frill trimming, and a gold sash with a green jewel clasping it together.
    • Shannon has one skirt on top of a miniskirt, a corset, and several buckles. And she's just a servant.
    • Natsuhi wears a dress with at least three layers in the skirt, each cut to show the other layers. In the manga, she wears an even more frilly dress.