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[[caption-width-right:290:[-With the [[PrettyInMink mink skirt]], and all the {{Jewelry}} sewn [[GemEncrusted into the dress]], this set a world record for cost.-] ]]

{{Pimped Out Dress}}es in {{Film}}.
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* The dresses in ''Film/TwentySevenDresses''.
* The "Young and Healthy" number in ''Film/FortySecondStreet'' featured lots of outfits [[PrettyInMink trimmed with white fox]], with the main object of the singer wearing a wrap and and skirt.
* A few dresses in ''Film/AllAboutEve'', including a dress made for the lead in the [[ShowWithinAShow play within the movie]].
* Most of the stage outfits in ''Film/BlackSwan''.
* ''Film/BramStokersDracula'' has several, particularly worn by Mina. Her blue dress had lots of darker blue embroidery on the sleeves and bodice, and a skirt with loads of fabric bunched up different ways at the front and back. Her red dress was even more bunched up in the back, with lots and lots of frills, ruffles, and pleated hem. Her green day dress had leaf-like trimming on the cuffs and collar, and the back of the skirt was folded repeatedly to give an appearance of alternating green and white diamonds. Lucy also got a few, like her white dress with the puff sleeves and loads of lace, and her funeral dress with the massive neck ruff.
* Brawne's dresses in ''Film/BrightStar''.
* ''Film/BrotherhoodOfTheWolf'' has several, given the aristocracy in the film.
* ''Film/TheCell'' starts out with the heroine in a white dress [[FluffyFashionFeathers with lots of white feathers]].
* ''Film/ComingToAmerica'' has some, including the poofy, [[PinkMeansFeminine pink]] FairytaleWeddingDress at the end.
* Use in an interesting way in the film ''Film/{{Diane}}''. Diane de Poitier's dresses are opulent, but Catherine de Medeci's dresses are more so. Until one day, to show her favor with the king, Diane shows up in a dress just as grand. Even the ermine trim on the skirt is identical to one on the dress Catherine is wearing at the same time.
* The outfits in the 1984 ''Film/{{Dune}}'' film are pretty elaborate. Much of the ladies' dresses were based on renaissance gowns, hoop skirts, trimmings, collars and all.
* The empress in ''Film/DungeonsAndDragons'' has a number of elaborate outfits.
* Miranda Frost's ice-themed dress in ''Film/DieAnotherDay'', with lots of fringe on it looking like little icicles. Then just throw on [[PrettyInMink the white fur wrap]] to complete the look.
* [[UsefulNotes/ElizabethI Queen Elizabeth]] in ''Film/ElizabethTheGoldenAge'' is adorned by an astonishing sequence of unbelievable confections. Some were in what the producers cheerfully admitted were wholly historically improbable colours, [[RuleOfCool just to look cool]].
* Giselle's would-be wedding dress in ''{{Film/Enchanted}}'' has GiantPoofySleeves, lots of lace petticoats, a frilled underskirt, ribbons, and butterfly decorations.
** [[spoiler:Nancy's actual wedding dress to Edward]] is also pimped out, with smaller poofy sleeves, bows, and ruffles.
* Queen Tara's gorgeous petal dress in ''WesternAnimation/{{Epic}}'' . In fact, it actually seems to come as a package deal with being queen. When a new one is crowned, she magically gets a similar dress.
* Creator/GingerRogers got to wear many Pimped Out Dresses in her various films. Some of the most notable:
** In ''Film/TheGayDivorcee'' (1934), a ruffled dress with a sparkly top and frothy skirt for "Night and Day."
** The famous ostrich-feather dress in ''Film/TopHat'' (1935).
** A beaded dress with a fur collar in ''Film/FollowTheFleet'' (1936).
** In ''Theatre/LadyInTheDark'' (1944), she wears a dress with a mink skirt and loads of jewels on the top and lining the skirt. She had to wear an altered version for a dance sequence in a later scene (the skirt was just lined with red fabric), so it wasn't too heavy to dance in.
* Jerri wears a few in ''Film/TheGirlCantHelpIt''. There is a white one with a white fox stole and white fox trim at the hem, and a red dress [[EverythingsBetterWithSparkles with gold sparkles]].
* In the finale of ''Film/GirlsJustWantToHaveFun'', Natalie Sands wears a designer made outfit that's loaded with sequins and other trimmings. She even tells the staff of the show she's competing on that it's a designer original.
* ''Film/GoneWithTheWind'' has several, most worn by Scarlett. Her first dress is a frilly white one with green ribbons. Another dress is a white one with black trimming and an ermine muff. One is all red, including the [[FluffyFashionFeathers loads of feathers]], that Rhett makes her wear to a party. VivianLeigh even got a special dress made just for the Atlanta premiere, that was black velvet, had a white ermine neckline, and puff sleeves made of ermine tails. Then of course there is the green CurtainClothing dress.
* Anna wears a dress for the dance in ''Theatre/TheKingAndI''
** As well as in ''Film/AnnaAndTheKing''.
* ''Film/{{Labyrinth}}:'' Sarah's super puffy dress, with the GiantPoofySleeves in the "masquerade ball" DreamBallet scene.
* ''Film/TheLoveParade:'' Queen Louise wears several in very RoaringTwenties style. The [[http://maceddy.com/jeanette-macdonald-the-love-parade-wedding-gown-up-for-auction/ beaded wedding dress]] is especially striking.
* Creator/MaeWest wore many fancy dresses in her film, with varying amounts of lace, frills, sequins, and fur, with fur often edging the hem of the skirts, which few actresses could pull off as gracefully as she could.
* Both the 1930s and 2000s versions of ''Film/MarieAntoinette''. The dresses have various amounts of ribbons, frills, feathers, fur, and jewelry.
* ''Film/MirrorMirror'' has a number of dresses, including two [[RuleOfSymbolism symbolic dresses]] worn by Literature/{{Snow White|and the Seven Dwarfs}} and the Queen.
** Snow White wears [[http://www.fanpop.com/spots/mirror-mirror/images/30494728/title/mirror-mirror-photo an all-white swan-themed dress]] with lace on the chest and OperaGloves, feathery lace trimming the gauzy multi-layered skirt, wings, and [[NiceHat a swan hat]].
** The Queen wears [[http://www.fanpop.com/spots/mirror-mirror/images/30468293/title/mirror-mirror-gowns-made-with-swarovski-crystals-photo a red peacock-themed dress]] with hanging sleeves, white lace on the cuffs, flared out shoulders, white peacock feathers embroidered on the sleeves and bodice, a white collar with the fabric given a feathered cut, and a [[PeacockGirl white peacock tail]] as a second collar (that's detachable).
** Other dresses for the Queen include [[http://www.fanpop.com/spots/mirror-mirror/images/30468283/title/mirror-mirror-gowns-made-with-swarovski-crystals-photo a golden-orange dress]] with a trimming of gold leaves embroidered all over it, lots of diamond and heart-shaped decorations each with a gold sun in the middle of them, ruffles on the neckline, and puff sleeves.
** Another dress is [[http://www.fanpop.com/spots/mirror-mirror/images/30494737/title/mirror-mirror-photo a yellow dress]] with hanging sleeves and a huge neck ruff.
** Then there is her [[http://tatertotsandjello.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/mirror-mirror-julia-dress.jpg white wedding dress]] with the fabric on the bodice and skirt bunched and cut to look like lots of leaves, and large gauze sleeves.
** Other dresses for Snow White include [[http://www.fanpop.com/spots/mirror-mirror/images/30494788/title/mirror-mirror-photo a yellow dress with a pink bodice, lots of flowers embroidered all over the skirt and bodice, and green gauzy puff sleeves.
** Then there is [[http://www.fanpop.com/spots/mirror-mirror/images/30494739/title/mirror-mirror-photo her blue dress]] with a lace collar, sleeves bunched and ruffled to almost make giant poofy sleeves, gold undersleeves, and a gold GiantWaistRibbon.
* In ''Film/MomAndDadSaveTheWorld'', Marge is forced to wear a couple as part of her GoGoEnslavement. One is [[http://cps-static.rovicorp.com/2/Open/Warner%20Brothers%20Distribution/Movies/Mom%20and%20Dad%20Save%20the%20World/_derived_jpg_q90_600x800_m0/MomandDadSavetheWorld-Still5.jpg?partner=allmovie_soap a pink and gold dress]] with flared sleeves and black pearls. The other is [[http://cps-static.rovicorp.com/2/Open/Warner%20Brothers%20Distribution/Movies/Mom%20and%20Dad%20Save%20the%20World/_derived_jpg_q90_600x800_m0/MomandDadSavetheWorld-Still3.jpg?partner=allmovie_soap a white and black wedding dress]] with lots of white buttons all over it, and a large flared collar that is below the shoulders.
* Several dresses in ''Film/MoulinRouge'', including a dress that is basically a [[OfCorsetsSexy a pink bustier]] with a ShowgirlSkirt of pink feathers.
* Eliza wears a couple in ''Film/MyFairLady''. The first is the white lace one at the races, that has black and white ribbons, a huge NiceHat, and a ParasolOfPrettiness. The second is the white gauzy one at the embassy ball, that [[GemEncrusted is loaded with jewels]].
* In ''PiratesOfTheCaribbean'', Elizabeth gets two of these. One in the first two movies until she becomes a stowaway, then again, to some extent, when she is on Sao Feng's ship.
* Buttercup gets herself a stunning white, lace number towards the end of ''Film/ThePrincessBride''. (The book seems more intent on making fun of this trope.)
* Ozma's dress at the end of ''Film/ReturnToOz'', which was based on the outfits John R. Neill drew for her in [[Literature/LandOfOz the original books]]. It has lots of gauze, beads, flower-like trim at the bodice, and feather-like trim at the shoulders.
* Some worn by Carol Heiss in ''Film/SnowWhiteAndTheThreeStooges''. One is a [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/carol_heiss_snow_white.jpg white skating dress]] loaded with sequins, has white fur trimming the top (in the style of high middle age dresses), topped by a dainty CoolCrown, and temporarily includes an white ermine muff with a bunch of tails in the front.
* Claudia's rather spectacular dress that she wears at the ball in ''Film/SnowWhiteATaleofTerror''. She is annoyed when her husband doesn't say anything about it.
* The skating dresses worn by Creator/SonjaHenie in her movies.
* In the ''Franchise/StarWars'' {{prequel}}s, Padme Amidala had a [[http://jasonpal.deviantart.com/art/Padme-Print-finally-56025962 large collection]].
** Each of them is based on a RealLife dress, incidentally. One of them resembles a Mongolian wedding dress.
** All of her costumes--and their real life counterparts--are explored in great detail [[http://www.padawansguide.com/ here.]]
** To elaborate on just how many and how costly her dresses actually were, at one point in ''Phantom Menace,'' Obi-Wan estimates with all seriousness, that if they were to sell all of Queen Amidala's wardrobe at the time, they very well might fetch enough local money to purchase the repairs they needed. The same amount of money as the grand prize of an annual, high-stakes podrace.
* The winner of "[[BeautyContest Miss Merry Christmas]]" in ''Film/SteelMagnolias'' wears a long, red dress with a white faux fur neckline and muff.
* ''Film/ThatLadyInErmine'' had a few, particularly one with a lot of frills, gold trimming, and a crinoline skirt that had nothing underneath to [[ShesGotLegs show her legs]].
* The pink dress Sally Shine wears in the ''Film/TowerOfTerror''.
* The Haynes sisters were several in ''Film/WhiteChristmas''.
** It starts with their blue dresses for the "Sisters" number that have the tops covered in lace and the skirts are several layers of gauze.
** For the "Mandy" numbers, Judy wears a white dress that has red gloves, the top decorated with sliver brocade, and a gauzy detachable ShowgirlSkirt.
** For the "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me" number, Betty wears a long, black dress that has a flared hem and white [[EverythingsBetterWithSparkles glittery gloves]].
** And of course both wear their spectacular {{Happy Holidays Dress}}es at the end. The dresses are red satin with white fox fur trimming on the skirt and a white fox muff, with Betty also wearing red fur-trimmed gloves gloves and [[HairDecorations red ribbons in her hair]], and Judy wearing a short red fur-trimmed cape and white fur hat.
* The super puffy pink dress Glinda wears in ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'', with huge sleeves and a massive bells skirt made of loads of gauze.